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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Weezerfan, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. If I could change Kylie Christmas somehow, I'd have dialled down the amount of the classic standards, deleted James Corden's vocal track (he's got a nice singing voice, but it's a shame who it's emanating from), and got her to cover The Christmas Song by the Raveonettes (the one from the Dobbies Loan adverts about a decade ago) as well as Christmasfy a few more 90s bangers (I always feel like He's on the Phone by Saint Etienne is a Christmas song... it always reminds me of late winter and Xmas lights). Also, I'd have released White December as a single in a new cleaner mix (the Spector/wall of sound production is gorgeous, but it's probably why it's been totally ignored by everyone involved)
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  2. She’s so cute here
  3. I agree, I love her in this era especially so much.
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  4. 1st of White December.
  5. This is one of the best ideas I’ve ever heard. I am going to use The Secret to bring to fruition!
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  6. Controversial, but I was playing Celebration and it's various remixes last night, and wish it didn't get so much hate. It's not a bad cover and it seemed an ideal way to end 5 years of success with the Hit Factory. Admittedly, it's #20 chart peak was not exactly stellar, but it least it still meant all her PWL singles had made the UK top 20. Which was very good going indeed. I love this remix especially:
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  7. Played this today, it destroys me every single time (that intro..) but this really isn’t the right time of year to be wigless
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  8. Love this medley so much
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  9. Absolute perfection.
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  10. Continued my Kylie concert watching journey with my husband at the weekend and showed him Aphrodite Les Folies. While he enjoyed the entrance, most of the way through he thought it wasn't her best. And it isn't, there are some great moments like There Must Be An Angel, Slow, Devil, If You Don't Love Me, the breakdown in Illusion, the flying bit, but it mostly just plods along, not helped that most of the album tracks are a bit dull. However, when we got to the finale he was FLOORED! I've never seen him so gobsmacked before. She really did that! It was a flawless finale and you can almost forgive some of the lacklustre elements that went before. He says he is gutted that he didn't get to experience that in person with me. Poor thing - the first concert I took him to was Kiss Me Once, talk about a let down. I remember saying to him at the time I wished he could have seen her previous concerts as that was not the Kylie I had come to know and love. He has now witnessed the brillance of Kylie Minogue and firmly wears a stan badge.
  11. I’ve still haven’t experienced as good a finale live as Aphrodite’s
  12. Kylie really is just the ultimate Queen of tours. Not a live performer quite like her I think.
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  13. Just listening to Light Years (the song) and the line is “travelling light years” isn’t it??

    I’ve been singing “driving in light years” all this time and have suddenly heard the right words....
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  14. Yes travelling
  15. Listening to many of the X b-sides and bonus tracks. That era had alot of great songs going on didn't it?

  16. Love it, too, though I prefer the version she performed on the North American For You, For Me tour. Had a bit more oomph.
  17. We have such similar tastes, I remember us being the (practically) lone Music Box stans in the Mariah rate.
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  18. I love how in a way you can split Kylie Christmas up into 2 albums of 2 sides. The more Classic traditional style and then the more contemporary style too. In fact, think I'll go and do just that this year.
  19. Still get annoyed at how short 'Everybody's Free (To Feel Good)' is. My own extended version has had to suffice the last few years.
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  20. Ummmmm, isn't it 'travel IN light years'?
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