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Kylie Minogue - General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Weezerfan, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. Well, with Kylie, it could certainly be any of those things and more I think.
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  2. I get the impression they use a shotgun approach most of the time. Record anything (ok, perhaps with vague direction which nearly always changes anyway) until you get what sounds like a hit and then focus around that. Once you have a second hit, then 'ship it'.
  3. Most of Kylie's 21st century albums seem to end up finishing up far from the initial starting point for instance, Aphrodite, Kiss Me Once and Golden most notably.
  4. Toxic would never have worked for Kylie, but then again the version that she heard was very different to the one sent to Britney.
  5. New single in the Autumn, new album early 2021.
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  6. The rise and return of Angel K, a new song chucked on Spotify every 4 weeks, and Jimmy Cauty and Bill Drummond doing the producing.
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  7. Well looks what’s on Spotify!

  8. Ohh sweet, let me bop to Lost Without You once again!
  9. So nice to have a decent version of Blue Velvet....I like Kylie using a slightly deeper tone on it vocally.
  10. Today see's 15th years since the release of one of Kylie's signature singles:

    I still remember getting this and loving it and despite going off it for a while, recently I've come full circle and loving now it all over again! A delight of a song and so should have been #1. Happy 15th!
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  11. Remember this performance like it was yesterday too!!
  12. I’ve literally been waiting for it since the moment I left the Manchester Arena last year
  13. Blue Velvet is beautiful.
  14. It really is a Kylie classic. My preference when she performs it is when she actually goes for the high notes showing what a great singer she is.
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  15. Most definitely.
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  16. I knew the live DVD would be out today, but I had no idea about the live album! Genuinely excited to listen to this later. (Yes, I love live albums.) Hopefully I can get my hands on the DVD this weekend.
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  17. I'm listening to the live album now, and I know this is going to sound so sappy, but I genuinely still can't believe I actually saw Kylie live last year? I'm so happy it finally happened (even though I had to skip my UK concert). The live album sounds great.
  18. The audience sounds a little tew loud at times - when she starts singing in Slow people start woo'ing directly in my ear.
  19. Audience bootleg recording confirmed.
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  20. Am a bit peeved that I may not get my DVD and CD copy until Tuesday according to Amazon. Should have gone with the store after all.
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