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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Weezerfan, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. Queen of standing in the distance and viewing from afar
  2. I love her reaction there. She truly never expected to get another #1 album at that point.
  3. This would be the perfect time to work on music because your schedule is otherwise open. Home all day and able to write new songs.

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  4. Two years? Where does the time go? That's honestly disturbing.
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  5. The same two year gap between the Greatest hits era and Confide in me and where the wild roses grow and some kind of bliss that felt like an eternity.
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  6. Even though taking up to two years between eras was pretty normal back then, it still felt like she was properly gone a LONG time.
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  7. Yeah I feel time moves differently now. Probably because I'm getting older.
  8. I suppose compared to her Hit Factory years of an album a year plus 4 singles it did feel like forever. I guess as no internet back then you had no idea what was going on other than the odd snippet in magazines etc. However it made her reappearance with Confide In Me all the more amazing!
  9. Yeah, back then popstars used to fall off the face of the earth between release cycles. No Insta, Twitter, Popjustice etc to report on potential progress etc, it was basically just Smash Hits once every 2 weeks who would occasionally give an update.
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  10. What was the gap like between DeConstruction dropping her and Light Years kicking off? I wasn't really online at the time and I only bought Kerrang!, Q and Melody Maker back then. She'd totally fallen off my radar after Breathe came out and I'll be honest I missed Spinning Around too, I only really properly realised she was going again once On A Night Like This came out.
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  11. I really bet the gaps between 92-94 and 98-00 in new labels and releases, felt way longer than 2 years back in the day! No forums like this to discuss and keep updated after all.
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  12. I remember first learning about Spinning Around when it was mentioned briefly in an issue of Smash Hits or TOTP magazine I was flicking through in a motorway service station.
  13. Im excited about this :)
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  14. Island

    Island Staff Member

    I’m still waiting for leaks from the Kiss Me Once sessions.
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  15. Would be great to get some “new” leaks right about now. Especially as Kylie herself said she had nearly 3 albums recorded during the Kiss Me Once development sessions.
  16. This popped up on my timeline and I had to share

  17. For real? If only they had included Mr President on the actual album, that was a gem of a track they decided to exclude for some reason.
  18. Yeah from memory she said she had a mix of so many different styles there was several albums worth done just in different genres.
  19. Oh my gosh yes!!! Nothing like the excitement from new Kylie music even if it’s old new
  20. If you go to the Internet Wayback Machine and put in you can actually go back through her website from 1998 forward, and she has Kylie diary entries that detail it (and lots of other cool things). Here's the one about her being dropped from DeConstruction
    Kylie and Deconstruction recently reached an amicable agreement not to do another album together; accordingly BMG have released her from any further contractual obligations.

    The double live album "Kylie- Intimate and Live" was released last week in Australia and N.Z. on the Mushroom label. It was recorded over two nights at the Sydney Capitol Theatre on her recent Australian tour.

    Kylie is currently in discussions with several record companies (including Mushroom) for her next studio album, due in 1999.

    IKN (International Kylie Network):
    0891 299754 [email protected]
    In 1999 theres an entry about signing with Parlo. The whole website is very cute, a bit of an anime aesthetic and I wish it's flash elements had been preserved, as some images no longer work and it looks like there was a whole dress up game that's been lost to time.

    EDIT: Found the Parlophone signing post:
    10 6.99 hello!!! it is my pleasure to tell you that i had a wonderful dinner last night with Parlophone Records to officially mark my signing with them. it's never easy moving home, and i took my time deciding on my new place of abode. we are all very excited about future prospects. now i just have to settle in, probably redecorate knowing me, and get down to work. thankyou for all of your support. Occassionally i visit the fan websites and, aside from being amazed and humbled at the incredible amount of work that goes into them, your emails of enthusiasm are greatly appreciated. so keep your eyes and ears open..........bye for now love kylie
    Plus here's a super cute spites from one of the website sections I just found, Kylie with a margarita!
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