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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Weezerfan, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. Wow, I actually remember this. I think you had to click on an anime gif of Kylie to get in the site. It seemed really incongruous at the time. And took ages to load.
  2. This really angers me, all those good tracks going to waste. Certainly a lot of them were.
  3. Ugh it sounds like I would've spent forever on there as a kid if it'd still been around. It's definitely of it's era for sure, but it's got charm to me at least in a way that pop-star websites now lack. Things seemed so much more experimental online back then, and transparent in their own unique ways in comparison to social media.

    I've found on the website a timeline of her career up to that point, does anyone know what the unreleased collaboration she performed throughout the end 1997 with Nick Cave was? Her website says he wrote it four days before they performed it and it got performed twice from the look of things. I wonder if label issues interfered or if it even made it to recording, but this is the first I've ever heard of it.
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  4. Ha, I did!
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  5. hi!
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  6. 1998 was a busy year with the small intimate and live tour (which I went to) plus 'Mixes' and 'GBI' so it didn't seem that bad. 1999 had at least 'In denial' with PSB as a comfort but yeah nothing else, but that made it all the more exciting when 'Spinning around' was so huge.
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  7. Your masterpiece is really something!
  8. I'm guessing Mr President would have been on one of the three albums recorded, alongside Sexercise and Skirt.

    Doesn't seem like a bad strategy, given the success of the greatest hits album. It's the song that will keep on streaming and generating $$$$. And it's close to breaking 150 million plays on Spotify. Madonna doesn't have a song on Spotify with that many streams.
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  9. I shudder to imagine the horrors of that album.
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  10. True maybe but the leaked X demos across 3CDs were disappointing with a few exceptions! So who knows the quality of the material?
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  11. The magnum opus that never was. *sobs*
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  12. I think that’s Still Your Face and there’s also Death is Not the End
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  13. Yes, 1998 had quite a alot Kylie wise that respect.
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  14. And in fact we didn’t actually get Impossible Princess in the U.K. til Spring ‘98. The Breathe single and then small tour and collabs etc it wasn’t a quiet Kylie year at all. 1993, 1996 and 1999 were the real “drought” years for fans.
  15. Bet 1993 especially was following 5 years of non stop Hit Factory releases after all!
  16. That said, she performed at Bang! which was G-A-Y under an old name in 1993 for Pride which was beyond fabulous. She did the four ROL singles plus Celebration if I recall correctly. So at least that was something.
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  17. 1996 all that I know that she did that year was go on an extended American road trip with Stephane Sednaoui and hang out with Shirley Manson.
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  18. Still love this song
  19. I guess that’s when the recording of Impossible Princess took place too as the original plan was for a Q1 1997 release.....until DeCon got cold feet and the sessions with the Manic Street Preachers and others took place.
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  20. I will constantly ask Stephane Sednaoui to release a coffee book of their time together until I die.
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