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Kylie Minogue - General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Weezerfan, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. Haha as Americans who had to get Kylie and Robbie music via Napster (Light Years still hasn't ever had a physical US release!), my friends and I found the rap so charming and funny. There was no way any top American act would ever do anything like that at the time. They were such glory days for UK pop and we were so jealous.

    Also, without knowing much about Kylie, whose persona was like a blank canvas to us at the time, we also jokingly wondered if she was a stoner (?!?) because so many songs on Light Years has at least one reference to being high or on the ceiling or under the influence or in the sky or outer space.
  2. I'm not fussed about their road trip, that's a personal thing between two people in a relationship. But give me all the photos he's taken for Impossible Princess, which he teased on his Instagram and then deleted.

  3. She also performed On A Night Like This. What a moment.
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  4. I didn't realize that. Don’t think I’ve ever seen video of it.
  5. Imagine Kylie's "Mary Jane Holland."
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  6. So he DID delete them ! Cos I remembered some post about IP, then I looked at his IG account and I found just a few of them !
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  7. I'm hoping he's deleted them because there is work behind the scenes of a re-release once Kylie owns the rights to the the Decon material.
  8. I thought she already owned all her PWL and Deconstruction material?
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  9. Speakephone is the most meta bop. It's literally a bop about how to bop to a bop. Amazing.
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  10. She will only have been transferred perpetuity usage rights for the images used in the album artwork. All of the other shots, Stephane will own the copyright. Even then, the album art might not extend to merch usage or non-direct re-issues (like a repackage more complex than just a bonus disc) without an additional license.
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  11. Another year with no Impossible Princess vinyl. It's not right.
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  12. An Impossible Princess coffee table book + vinyl release (like Golden and Future Nostalgia) with all of Stephane's pictures in HQ would be an absolute dream come true.
  13. As mentioned above she did also perform On a night like this, you should check it out it was an exceptional performance with her gold dress.

    Also she performed Dancing Queen cos Muriels Wedding was released that same year and was a surprise hit in australia, in it they perform nothing but Abba songs so this contributed to it as well, Abba had a resseruction in Australia without lifting a finger so Kylie being a smart operator cashed in on this.
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  14. Muriel's Wedding was 1994!

    But it is true that ABBA's backcatologue had a big commercial resurgence in 1999.
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  15. Yes this is what i meant, there was some kind of ressurgence in 1999/2000 hence why kylie performed it
  16. Currently watching Money Can't Buy, and it really is bliss. Not to mention scary, that it makes me realise how I've been a Kylie fan now for over half my life! Good scary of course!
  17. Feeling pretty low and so having a pick me up via the delightful Golden tour. What an amazing night that was.
  18. Really never thought I’d ever hear the Brothers in Rhythm mix of “Where is the Feeling?” on the radio.
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