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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Weezerfan, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. And she still came back to the US for occasional promo spots in the summer and winter of 2002 (multiple Leno performances, Regis & Kelly, TRL, Jingle Balls, etc). But I don’t think anyone felt it was worth doing a full tour. Even after the Fever2002 tour, she continued to promote the album. And by the start of 2003, she was deep in recording Body Language.
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  2. I've always been curious about this. Do we know why they went with the Ruff & Jam US Radio Mix of "Love At First Sight" as its single mix in the US instead of the original?
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  3. They say it sounded more American. The original has Euro vibes in it. I actually like the US remix and although it wasn't as big as CGYOOMH, it was one of the summer hits of 2002 in the US.
  4. Kylie's Fever 2002 tour look, was everything.
  5. One of the many great things about Kylie is that she’s released so many live DVDs and albums. I wish more artists did.

    I noticed that the Golden tour is available to watch on the Channel 4 (UK) website. Does anyone know if it’s the full concert that’s on the dvd or if any songs have been cut out?
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  6. Had two wonderful Kylie moments over the last two days...

    Yesterday I listened to the Golden album for the first time in a while whilst sat in the glorious sunshine in my garden. I was reminded why it's my favourite Kylie album- it was glorious listening. I have been a Kylie fan since Can't Get You Out Of My Head, but have only ever really taken a few songs from each album (bar Light Years), until Golden. I got that album just before I went on holiday to France and really got to know it while I was in the sunshine on the French coast. I don't know if that's one of the reasons I love it but I just think it's a great album, so consistent. Lovely upbeat numbers, a great overall vibe, even the slow songs are really catchy. I love the relaxed but still poppy vibe. Great lines and catchy hooks in most of the songs. The strength of the bonus tracks Lost Without You, Every Little Part Of Me and Rolling speaks to the strength of the album itself really.

    And then this morning I watched the X Tour Live DVD, for the first time. I've never seen Kylie live. After I got into her massively with Golden, I actually bought 3 live DVDs in a charity shop but never got around to watching them- The Light Years Tour, The Showgirl Tour and The X Tour. I bought Golden Live last year and watched that , I liked but didn't love it as much as the album itself. However this morning I have just watched the X Tour and that was amazing! What a great pop show that was. Great setlist- but the production itself! Her outfits- the set designs, the different concepts. I LOVED the first outfit, the setlist for WOW, the red outfit, the whole Love Boat section, the performance of In My Arms. It was a great show. Very fun, very big, very colourful. Loved it!

    I'm now curious about what is generally considered fans' favourite live DVD? I definitely want to watch the Showgirl and Light Years tours soon, and maybe get Fever?
  7. I guessed this was the reason

    Do you remember when music videos just to have an ‘American’ alternative version?
  8. There's a random plane that just appears out of nowhere in the US version of the Love at First Sight video. It's not quite I Was Gonna Cancel random, but it still hits hard when you are used to the original edit.

    I think the change was due to Love at First Sight being very influenced by the French-house sound that was on trend here 1999-2002 - but the USA naturally didn't experience. Even the US edition of Fever, the mix of Love at First Sight doesn't have the fade out/fade in/flange part in the second verse that was a feature of many of these style songs, the instrumental just repeats the same as the first verse.
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  9. The base is heavier and it had more of a transatlantic r&b/new jack swing vibe. The original was very much in the model of Daft Punk/Mojo/Spiller filter-house which never really had much of a moment on the US charts. I think it was a sensible move. I like both versions.

    I always thought ‘Fever’ (the song) had a more American vibe (it feels from the same family as Gwen’s ‘Serious’ to me) and if time and energy had been no object, extending the singles campaign with a Richard X remix of it could have landed well.
  10. Doh! I’ve literally just posted the exact same reply. Apologies.
  11. Great minds think alike.
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  12. To be honest, and I don't just say this with stan goggles on, they are all excellent. Each tour has its own unique character, although I'd suggest the 'Showgirl' tour was the start of Kylie's creative partnership with William Baker as her tour director and stylist becoming tired. They had done some incredible work together but it started to rely on the same tropes. I much prefer the 'Showgirl Homecoming' incarnation which was a little more playful and profound in parts. It's a special tour as it was her first one after her cancer treatment and the DVD is filmed in her hometown Melbourne. The 'Kiss Me Once' tour is probably her most underwhelming, but it still has a handful of standout moments (the Dollhouse Medley of S/A/W tracks is the best production number of the show, and her cover of INXS' 'Need You Tonight' is essential).

    I think the 'Fever' tour is still her boldest statement because coming off the back of such a huge, career-defining record, it was full of risks. She leaned into making something that used a far wider palette of references than the 'On A Night Like This' tour and some of Steve Anderson's arrangements are amongst the best pop reinventions I have ever heard. An industrial sounding 'Shocked', 'Locomotion' as if it had been recorded by Prince, 'I Should Be So Lucky' redone as a psychedelic trance track... They were jaw-droppingly brave takes on signature songs. It also stepped out of the hits-only mold of the previous tour and began to deep-dive into Kylie's catalogue, pulling out gems like 'Dangerous Game', 'Cowboy Style', 'Dreams' and 'GBI' and incorporating elements of them into the setlist. A couple of the visuals are dated by today's standards, but it is still an inspiring watch. Think Kylie in Grace Jones mode, rather than the camp showgirl of other tours.

    'Aphrodite Les Folies' is her biggest in terms of the sheer spectacle. I don't think it will be possible to top that show from a production perspective. It uses a great deal of the 'Aphrodite' album in the setlist, but peppered with the usual generous helping of hits. It's a sort of Ziegfeld Follies meets Grecian mythology fantasia, and it's beautifully filmed too. The finale uses water on stage in a way that is truly astounding. I have never had a concert experience that was so thoroughly immersive (and emotional). That is Peak Kylie as a live artist for me.

    I'm glad you enjoyed the 'X' tour so much. It's very much the sum of its parts as there's not really any concept to bring the different sections together, but the tilted video stage was a really exciting way to reinvent the look of a Kylie tour and she is in excellent voice throughout - perhaps her most consistently strong live recording. The Super 8 style film grain used on the DVD was a nice shift from the hyperreal digital feel of her others. I'd also recommend 'Intimate & Live' too if you can cope with a less theatrical approach and more emphasis on a live rock show experience. Kylie's live voice is a very different beast here, but very gutsy and impressive.

  13. I played Some Kind Of Bliss followed by I Don't Need Anyone earlier and they especially come alive with the sunshine outside. Very underrated Kylie tracks.
  14. CGYOOMH was very Beachball-sounding, a big hit in Europe but not the USA. I'm always perplexed that people seem to think for Kylie to do well in the USA she needs to have an "American sound". When she has had success in the USA it is because she is doing her own thing and that makes her unique from whatever her peers in the USA at the time were. Are they even still around?

    It might have been "sensible" to have the "American" remix of LAFS but I'm not sure the strategy worked because it was hardly a big hit on the US charts. She has basically disappeared off the single charts since. They should have gone for the original single line up, IYE as the second single. Can't imagine it would have done worse and that song has more impact.
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  15. I only have the American release of Fever CD (because I prefer the cover) but it has the original mix of LAFS. I'm now playing Golden after a few months and it sounds good.
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  16. God, the Fever era was insane. Everything she touched was gold.
  17. Can’t Get You Out Of My Head went to number 7 on the US charts and hung around forever despite Kylie being an unknown artist on an indie dance label in the US at a time when pure pop music was charting terribly. Britney’s lead single from her album that year charted at 27. That’s four places *lower* than Love At First Sight did.

    In that context, both were hits and did as well as anyone could reasonably expect them too.
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  18. The way the US music industry is structured, reported and charted often understates how big some songs are to UK/European fans. There's lots of hit songs that barely troubled the top 40 of the Hot 100, especially crossover songs. Had they all had their sales and airplay together they would have peaked higher, but because they were pushed and peaked at different radio formats at different times their Hot 100 peak is lower.
  19. The Top 23 smash hit LAFS! I didn't say it was a flop but it was a modest success and I'm sure they expected more after the mega-mega-mega success of Head and given how huge LAFS was elsewhere.
  20. Fever is absolutely one of her most underrated tracks and it’s a shame it wasn’t a single. That (albeit somewhat tacky) performance she did of it on her ITV Night In show being met with such surprise by the audience was a moment. The concept was great and she had something to build off there.

    I also think it would have blended quite nicely into Body Language succeeding it.
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