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Kylie Minogue - General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Weezerfan, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. I would hope there were also a couple of unused tracks - surely enough to give us a nice rounded 10 track album.
  2. Yes @Voodoo Child , an extra couple of bonus songs would be great.
  3. I know some people are against doing covers but Kylie always does covers so so so well that I would love her to do one for each tour, I remember when I took a non-kylie friend to see her during fever and when she performed the crying game he turned round to me saying this is really good, so a cover version can rejuvinate a song and brign in a new fanbase.
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  4. It’d be cool if she covered a Mark Ronson song perhaps. He has some good disco songs on his album and she has expressed her liking towards his work.
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  5. Kylie 's best live cover for me is There Must Be An Angel. Really suited her.
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  6. After getting Dancing Queen/Physical/Crying Game/There Must Be An Angel/Vogue/Copacabana/ Need You Tonight/99 Red Balloons/Bette Davis Eyes and also Blue Velvet - I think it’s safe to say we’ll get a cover
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  7. So tonight I finally watched Aphrodite Les Folies. I was so excited to watch since it was the 3D Blu-ray version. Put on my 3D glasses, put the "3D disc" into the Blu-ray player, turned on the projector and started to bop. It looked great but the 3D seemed minimal. Actually there seemed to be no 3D. Watched three quarters of it until I remembered that I read months ago - here or on forum or both - that the 2D disc is actually the 3D disc. So I watched most of the show in 2D. Mess.

    Switched discs and rewatched it.

    But, seriously, what a show. The Angel section was stunning. But that ending! That's how you end a show.

    The 3D was great but I have to say the 2D version is also excellent. The show was exceptionally well filmed. Interesting to watch both versions as there are different shots/angles in both.
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  8. On A Night Like This still sounds fresh today, the first time I heard it I was amazed.
  9. This morning while running I had a moment with Skirt. A Song.
  10. And then your skirt came down?
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  11. Absolutely yes.
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  12. Skirt is the best thing from Kiss Me Once and it wasn’t even on the album.
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  13. The Switch Remix of Skirt is amazing!
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  14. The 'Hot mouth' remix of 'Skirt' is incredible. And sounds amazing on the cross trainer in the gym (remember the old days...)
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  15. Ten years ago TODAY! Absolutely served sex and confidence, what a brilliant festival moment. And luckily she got her own headlining moment eventually.

  16. MB


    Is there anywhere to watch the Glastonbury performance online?
  17. It'll be on iPlayer as of tomorrow afternoon I believe.
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  18. Jessie Ware on Kylie

    Did you ever think about bringing in any guest artists to appear on the album?

    “For me to work with Kindness [who has a co-write credit on ‘Step Into My Life’] was a really big thing, I love them. They’re so talented and I’ve been mad about their work for so long. And for a second I really wanted Kylie Minogue on one of the songs for a long time. And I still think potentially I will ask her to be on one. I think that maybe I felt like it wasn’t necessary…I wanted to present the record like this, but there’s still the chance to reimagine them with other artists…”
  19. It’s on iPlayer now, I watched it last night.
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  20. Can't believe it's been a year already since the greatness of Kylie at Glastonbury!!
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