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Kylie Minogue - General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Weezerfan, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. I still can't believe that this track never received an official release.

  2. I reckon it was very early on it was banded about as a single.... it would almost have been a different album and more fitting with the likes of Aston Martin from the Rapino Brothers sessions.

    Personally I love Nothing Can Stop Us.
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  3. I'm not much keen on the early sessions for KM94. I am glad the Rapino Brothers sessions were scrapped and we got the album we got instead.
  4. I would’ve liked Aston Martin and For All I’m Worth to get proper releases. The rest I could take or leave (but glad they realised Automatic Love was worth saving)
  5. Aston Martin, is quite catchy will say that.
  6. Best song of the era that isn't Confide In Me to be honest.
  7. It’s just one more instance of bizarre quality control. This is gorgeous.
  8. I watched Swinging Safari. It wasn’t very good.
  9. To be honest, most of Kylie's movies aren't alas. The Delinquents is great I think though.
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  10. Street Fighter is iconic in a so-bad-that-it's-good kind of way.
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  11. Currently having a 10th anniversary listen to Aphrodite and it's given me serious Summer vibes even on a damp and drizzly July day like this! Playing the original CD as it happens, for the first time in years. Mostly listen to Kylie via my digital library or streaming. Looking back, the Experience edition (of which I paid £18 for in HMV!!) wasn't much cop. Would have come with at least a few more extra tracks for one thing like most deluxe editions do now. Still, the music speaks itself. Such a perfect Kylie album and a great listen even now.

    If I was to rank it, I would put it I as follows with my least favourite to start off with:
    12.Looking For An Angel
    11.Better Than Today
    10.Put Your Hands Up (If You Feel Love)
    9.Too Much
    8.Cupid Boy
    5.Everything Is Beautiful
    3.Can't Beat The Feeling
    2.All The Lovers
    1.Get Outta My Way

    Man, that was tough to do!
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  12. Aww I missed the discussion of the KM’94 demos and the chance to stan Love Is On The Line again!

    I realise I sound like the beginning of Put The Needle On It but I’m glad I have the Rapino Brothers demos in good quality
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  13. I adore everything unreleased from KM94, not a single bad track there.
    I think I even prefer the Automatic Love demo to the album version, it's more upbeat.
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  14. Just me then?
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  15. The association is there. I personally don't think Giving You Up has any element lifted directly from this one, but it would be a really interesting twist to actually sample it/interpolate it for a live version. (But I don't think we're ever getting Giving You Up performed live ever again, so, yeah.)
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  16. One of the main things I remember from the Aphrodite campaign is how hard Kylie worked TV promo: Germany's Next Top Model (sadly not online in HQ), Jonathan Ross, Alan Carr, Hey Hey It's Saturday, DWTS US & Australia, America's Got Talent and X Factor UK.

    Kylie also did a bit more choreography for Get Outta My Way before they changed it to the "rearranging some chairs" routine.

  17. This still is perhaps my all time favourite Kylie TV performance ever:
  18. I’m not sure if I’d seen that one before but you’re right - that was amazing!
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