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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Weezerfan, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. Love how even then, she could barely hide her dislike for poor What Kind Of Fool! See 1:04.
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  2. Wow that broom cupboard just transported me right back to primary school. Wonder what Andi Peters (and Toby Anstis) are up to today.
  3. In Andi Peter's case, lots of breakfast TV competition spots and bits on shopping channels too.
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  4. Yeah he also moved behind the scenes more. I remember he produced An Audience with the Spice Girls.
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  5. One of my friends went on a date with Toby Anstis!
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  6. Toby Anstis presents a show on Heart Dance radio, I think it's their morning show.
  7. He did indeed.
  8. 2010 was a tragic time for single releases, especially for artists who focused on the UK market. For some reason the entire music industry had no clue how to schedule them properly.
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  9. Currently listening to Aphrodite Les Foiles live and just noticed it's notable for at least 3 things:
    1.No 80s material performed.
    2.Only 2 PWL songs performed in general.
    3.NO KIDS!!
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  10. This is exactly how I used to respond to all my clueless aunts asking about the football they bought me every christmas.
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  11. Haha! Be very disappointed it if wasn't!
  12. I’d like for this to happen again on the next tour. I appreciate Les Folies for relying more on the supporting album and stronger songs from her back catalogue.
  13. Indeed, only Too Much not performed form the album itself.
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  14. The perfect Kylie show doesn't exi-
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  15. Haha, it's certainly in my top 3 Kylie tours that's for sure.
  16. KylieFever2002
    Aphrodite: Les Folies
    Showgirl 2005

    Are my top three Kylie tours for me. I’d love to see the full Rhythm of Love Tour recording surface one day.
  17. I know we're in the middle of a PopJustice Kylie rate right now but I'm doing an album by album ranking on YouTube if anyone is interested? Rank the 13 songs on this form from 1 to 10 (no zeroes allowed!!) and award your favourite song an 11, I'm hoping to do an album a week, with the video going up every Sunday, so we're obviously starting with Kylie. Voting will close on Saturday
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  18. Gosh I actually had to fact-check that last one!
  19. Is the contempt for "Kids" not liking the album version or not liking that it occupies a spot on the set list that could be better used? Because I get it if it's just the latter… but honestly I think the album version (preferably the one with Robbie's dumb rap) is a discography highlight.
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  20. I've grown so tired of her wheeling it out on every tour in places where a different song would serve the purpose better, that it becomes a bit of a task to listen to the album recording. However I agree I do like the version with Robbie's rap
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