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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Weezerfan, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. That's the one. Memories!
  2. In an alternate universe Like A Drug would be one of Kylie’s signature hits.
  3. That and Speakerphone were robbed.
  4. I’ve always felt that Wow was rolled out after 2 Hearts‘ poor reception, as a quick ‘oh dear, throw out something camp to get the fans back onboard’. I would’ve loved it to be Speakerphone or something more interesting!
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  5. I imagine there was never any doubt 'Wow' was going to be single #2. It was obvious from the first play.
  6. I’d imagine the record company would be pushing for it to be the first single instead of 2 Hearts. It’s a good representation of what the public wants/expects from her at that time.
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  7. HMD


    Both 2 Hearts and Wow are the exact opposite of what the general public (and the fans) expected from Kylie. Most people wanted something more personal and ‘meaningful’. And I don’t think Wow was seen as ‘cool’ at the time outside the UK (I loved it from first listen though).
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  8. I disagree, I think the public wanted something personal after her cancer battle, not more PWL-esque pop churn. Wasn’t that part of the criticism over X, that’s she’d been through so much and then there were barely any references on the ‘comeback’ album?
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  9. We must have been typing the same message at the same time lol!
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  10. Sadly I think she was damned if she did, damned if she didn’t with X re: “something personal”.

    The album is a fascinating example of calculation leading to many a misfire. Wow, All I See and others are almost lab-grown and really rather predictable and empty. I’ll always be thankful for it giving us The One though. Despite rebuttals of ‘oh it’s I Believe In You again’, it remembers and enhances the beautiful Kylie formula of euphoria + vulnerability
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  11. HMD


    Indeed! Lol
    I remember many reviews discussing this point.
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  12. The single "edit" of 'Wow' makes such a difference. But I still don't like the thing.
  13. As soon as it was performed on The Kylie Show I would've put money on it.
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  14. There's a single edit? Either I've never heard it, or I've never noticed the difference...
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  15. Pretty much this. I don’t know what it is but I just can’t seem to like it
    I can kind of bop to

  17. Be right back, deleting the album version and replacing it with that edit.
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  18. It sounds like someone's laid a cheap keyboard drum loop over it.
  19. and it works!
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  20. I think die hard fans and critics wanted introspection. But the record buying public has always preferred her to serve up fun and straightforward pop. They’ve always been her most successful records. This is also why I think DISCO stands a serious chance of breaking out.
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