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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Weezerfan, Aug 14, 2008.

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    Taking an 11 and making it a gold star 11. Magic.
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  2. Kylie's most successful songs have been dark lyrics wrapped in addictive pop beats. Yes people wanted introspection and that is not the antithesis of pop. Not sure why people think they are on two different spectrums.
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  3. I do not remember much discussion about the album not being retrospective/personal enough. I do remember it being used as an excuse ie "you don't like it because you expected personal" but I don't remember anyone actually saying that's what they wanted beforehand? Or even afterwards any time we have discussed the album since.

    Kylie's sound had gone through a very natural evolution throughout the rest of her Parlo albums up until that point, and something like In My Arms/Wow (Speakerphone, Like a Drug, Stars, The One, the b-sides etc, or even like the Mylo tracks or the rejected Excuse My French/When The Cat's Away) felt like a perfect continuation of where she had left off with the Ultimate Kylie tracks and White Diamond/the live album.

    They sounded like the producers/A&R were drawing a common thread out of what made her previous singles striking sonically, and bringing it into louder, more mainstream, 100% contemporary productions which was exactly what I was personally expecting/wishing for before she released X... Leading with or even including stuff like 2 Hearts and All I See when they had actually gotten the core so right made no sense.
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  4. I wonder how "No More Rain" would've been received as the lead single from X. Personally, I'm not the biggest fan of it, but it does offer up introspective lyrics while not straying too far from Kylie's signature sound.
  5. I think The One is the perfect amount of introspection to have launched the X era. It's emotional, it's affirming and the chorus would've been perfect for a post-cancer comeback.
  6. I've always really liked No More Rain. I don't know if it would've been a Good Single™ but I don't know what that means in Kylie-land to be honest
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  7. I love "The One," but I don't think that I'd describe it as introspective. It would've been the perfect comeback single though.
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  8. I certainly expected introspection and reflection.

    I don’t agree with your point about precedent: I feel that the songs on X like Speakerphone and Like A Drug are jarringly vacant compared to the lyrical depth of White Diamond and Some of the pre-cancer Ultimate Kylie tracks (in particular Believe, Everything I Know, and Loving You).

    Plus, in 2007, Robyn, Roisin Murphy and Hot Chip among others were showing that high production pop with depth could be both a critical and commercial success. The production on X is immaculate, and I have always felt that Speakerphone could be an amazing song if only it was *about* something.

    But I get that Kylie wanted escapism herself at the time, and I have come to terms with that via my own perfect X track list (as we all have).
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  9. X is not a great album.

    X is her greatest era.

    The CONTENT.
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  10. I can’t think of a better comeback statement than “I’m the one - love me, love me, love me, love me”
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  11. "I want more" line from Like a Drug would have been the perfect opener for a comeback album.
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  12. The One, was the perfect lead from X, especially for the colder months, it just suited it so well.
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  13. Kylie has always had a strong barrier of separation of her personal and professional life. Perhaps a little more guarded than most because of her early experiences. After watching the attempts to get something out of her throughout White Diamond, I had to make my peace with the fact that Kylie is very unlikely to strip her soul bare on record, or on paper. That said, it's sort of refreshing that she's honest about that too. That's not to say that there isn't welcome flashes here and there over the years, but I get the impression that she just doesn't want to be that exposed.
  14. I think when she does, it’ll be on her terms. That’s important too.
  15. I live in hope of the day Kylie writes an autobiography, but I think we are at least a decade away from one.
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  16. Whilst the final tracklist wasn’t the greatest, I am grateful that we got such an abundance of songs for X (both officially and unofficially) so that everyone can make a tracklist that works for them. Now if we could just get a huge batch of Kiss Me Once leaks...
  17. Random question but does anyone know if she sang at the Concert4Cancer gig recently?
  18. IMHO, this is the best LAFS remix ! From a feel good track, to a dark and longing anthem !
  19. The Aphrodite rate !
    Singles !
    All the lovers

    Get Outta My Way

    Better than today

    Put Your Hand Up (If You Feel Love)
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  20. live


    Cupid boy
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