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Kylie Minogue - General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Weezerfan, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. All the Lovers 9/10
    Get Outta My Way 10/10
    Better Than Today 8/10
    Put Your Hand Up (If You Feel Love) 10/10
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  2. Honestly, when I first heard this I could not believe that this mix and the US single mix were produced by the same team.
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  3. THIS not being on streaming is a tragedy.

  4. HMD


    This not being the remix on Boombox is a tragedy.
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  5. I didn't think the public even remembered 2 Hearts...

    It's not only my least favourite Kylie lead but it's also one of my least favourite Kylie singles...ever! It just does nothing for me.
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  6. 2 Hearts is easily top 3 Kylie songs ever. It's just so GLAM and catchy. Glam Rock Kylie is something I need more of.
  7. I still remember my parents yelling at me to come to the TV quick because Kylie was on, and it was a clip of the 2 Hearts music video (on A Current Affair kii) with a story of her triumphant comeback.

    2 Hearts is iconic. That's all.
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  8. To be honest, Boombox was a very patchy compilation, in my opinion.
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  9. There are 4 days left to vote in the 'Aphrodite' rate if you haven't already! Vote here
  10. My overriding feeling when '2 Hearts' debuted was it was too short and was hoping the album version would be longer. Whenever she performed it live it was extended, so why was the recorded version less than 3 mins?!
  11. This sounds like This Wheel's On Fire, a good thing in my opinion. I think the two sound similar anyway but this just amps it up
  12. Where were the X results? These are moving so fast, I keep missing them!

  13. The font is borderline unreadable so apologies in advance!
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  14. Yes, not great on the whole really. Nice to get the title track officially in some form though.
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  15. Quite surprisingly the overall average from my X rates is higher than Aphrodite. Reflects how X has better tracks but Aphrodite is a better album.

  16. The 4K treatment over The One is beautiful.
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  17. HMD


    Could you please post the average score of every album so far?
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  18. That's a good idea yes.
  19. TIL 2 Hearts is a cover song

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  20. A near identical cover as well.

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