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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Weezerfan, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. Is the vocal take in the Get Outta My Way mix different as well?
  2. Yeah, it appears so. Her delivery is different at certain points.
  3. Keep on Pumpin' It has an average of 6.39/10 but after that I Was Gonna Cancel is the lowest
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  4. She re-recorded all of her vocals for the album with Stuart Price.
  5. Hi all, been playing around as per so enjoy!! (It's a filtered Magic instrumental so it's not the cleanest)

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  6. Where do I hear the Get Outta My Way demo?!
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  8. Loving that demo! Just as an aside, I’d be very happy if Kylie could merchandise gloves with lights in them. They could come quite handy in these winter months ahead
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  9. I like how this version subtly incorporates the spoken word intro from the demo:
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  10. I forgot how cool the video was. The parts of her in that red outfit and the light beams behind her would have worked well for the Say Something video.

    Get Outta My Way is such an earworm no matter what version, I might prefer it to All The Lovers nowadays.
  11. Everything about "Get Outta My Way," song and video, is so on point. I like that the video kind of feels like a spiritual sister to "In Your Eyes."
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  12. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member


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  13. Two things:

    1. "K-Y-L-I-E, she doing it for me" <3
    2. I've only just found out the lyric's 'the circle will come around'.

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  14. What’s been Kylie’s most successful decade? I want to say 80’s but I guess the 00’s because of Head?
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  15. So ... I've been busy and I've finally finished putting together some studio version albums.

    Google Drive link
    MEGA link

    1. Les Sex (No full Breathe intro)
    2. In My Arms
    3. Timebomb
    4. Sexy Love
    5. Wow
    6. Step Back in Time
    7. Spinning Around
    8. On a Night Like This
    9. Slow
    10. Chasing Ghosts
    11. Enjoy Yourself
    12. Hand on Your Heart
    13. Never Too Late
    14. Got to Be Certain
    15. I Should Be So Lucky
    16. Skirt
    17. Need You Tonight (INXS, not Kylie)
    18. Sexercize
    19. Nu-Di-Ty Segue
    20. Can't Get You Out Of My Head
    21. Kiss Me Once
    22. Get Outta My Way
    23. Love at First Sight
    24. All the Lovers
    25. Into the Blue

    BONUS. I Was Gonna Cancel (2014 studio version)

    Google Drive link
    MEGA link

    1. Golden Intro
    2. Golden
    3. Get Outta My Way
    4. Better the Devil You Know
    5. Confide in Me
    6. Breathe
    7. In Your Eyes
    8. Wow
    9. Can't Get You Out Of My Head
    10. The Chain
    11. Slow / Being Boiled
    12. Kids
    13. The One
    14. Stop Me From Falling
    15. Wouldn't Change a Thing
    16. I'll Still Be Loving You
    17. All the Lovers
    18. New York City
    19. Raining Glitter
    20. On a Night Like This
    21. The Loco-Motion
    22. Spinning Around
    23. Love at First Sight
    24. Dancing
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  17. Get out of my way the 7th Heaven remix should have been the official version, it sends me into a tizzy all the time.
  18. Radio On

    Shelby 68

    Sincerely Tours
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  19. I have a question. Is skirt an early track that was planned for kiss me once? If so, I wonder why it wasn’t included on that album.
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