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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Weezerfan, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. Wait Darenote is a public company? Or are private companies in the UK required to make these kinds of disclosures as well?
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  2. It's a limited liability company. They don't need to declare as much information as a plc but they still have to declare their accounts to the tax man, the basic financial report is publicly accessable as well as when directors are appointed or leave.

    If I recall correctly, her dad (an accountant) set up Darenote so that she could commission photos and images for use, giving her an additional income stream from the small cut that PWL were giving her from her record sales. And over time it's umbrella'd out to encompass all of her financials - aside from a few years in the mid-2010s when everything was transferred to Firewheel/Kitten Grey LLP and back again to Darenote (probably some accounting maneuver while she was dealing with exiting Parlophone). Those LLPs have this last month been dissolved.
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  3. Also, doesn’t KDB own some of her trademarks?
    Pretty sure the lawsuit against Ms Jenner was via this company rather than Darenote.
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  4. The prospect of a Kylie collab with Cher was exciting. But this...

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  5. KDB Pty is the Australian parent company, Darenote is essentially a subsidiary of KDB, which Kylie is the controlling director, Dannii and Brendan are also directors.

    I notice that Dannii has a year ago set up a UK PLC called Short Stuff and a partnership company called Shiny Disco.
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  6. Cheers for the info @heartmightmelt I find all that stuff really interesting.
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  7. Me too! When you learn disclosure practices it's all numbers and hard to imagine context, but reading the filings for a number of artists and labels I followed really helped my understanding of the numbers and concepts.
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  8. So, after having Disco renew my interest in everything Kylie I decided to check out Golden as it seems to be a pretty divisive record around these parts and... I like it? It's sweet, honest and straddles the line of country and glittery pop in the same way Kacey Musgraves' Golden Hour did (although it doesn't dig quite as deep as that one). Really, it's not a country album at all, just a pop album with country window dressing so it's unfair that people got turned off by it because of the country trappings.
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  9. Golden will have its day. You can’t keep a good album down.
  10. Golden is a good Kylie album. Several highs and some banjo lows.
  11. Yeah, Golden remains great outside of the samey songs (which are also great individually) and one of her best albums.
  12. After Kiss Me Once's lack of direction and identity, Golden sort of at least created a universe of its own. It set the ground for Kylie's next career phase, whereas with the previous they were lost on how to market it, was she still viable for Top 40 or do they just completely focus on AC, etc. I liked Golden at first but admit I rarely revisit it now.
  13. Yeah im the same, I really liked the album and tour, but I'd say its probably at the bottom of the Kylie pile for me along with a couple of her PWL albums.
  14. Golden is perfectly competent, but it rarely excites me. Between the samey, crunchy production and the bland theming, it’s my least favorite post-2000 Kylie album by quite a bit.
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  15. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    I definitely like Golden more than Body Language, but that's bc outside of "Slow", I never really cared to let the latter register for me. Fever, Aphrodite, X, and Light Years are her top (kii) albums in my eyes.
  16. Thank you!!
  17. Golden was great then and still so for me. We also have alot to thank it for too.
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  18. Why is Wikipedia claiming Brandon Flowers did some kind of cover of "Confide in Me" for an album called Friends 4 Life?
  19. I loved Kylie's hair here:

    She's very chilled with Molly which is nice:

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  20. Golden helped to restablish Kylie’s career after the lukewarm reaction to kiss me once. Golden is a great album and if it wasn’t for golden, I’m sure she wouldn’t have achieved the same kind of success with Disco.
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