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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Weezerfan, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. Hey everyone, so the 'DISCO' rate is now open! The rules are the same as they have been for the other album rates, and the videos for the singles rate will be up soon!
  2. If it wasn't for Golden, we might never have gotten Disco at all. She touched on this in the Guardian interview
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  3. Singles rate results videos are up:

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  4. I always learn so much Kylie trivia from your videos, @hawkings24!

    Can't Get You Out Of My Head reached #1 in every European country except Finland? Have the Finnish always been cool to Kylie?
  5. I thought maybe it just made #2 but checking it seems to have spent two weeks at #7 then a month in the top 15, then back to #5 for two weeks. I wonder if Finland just has a strict language-quota on the radio (like France does) that limited its exposure, but its chart run suggests that it was popular.
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  6. This is amazing, all fans should watch it!

  7. I didn't know this was a thing?
  8. I don't know if it's still the case, but years ago French radio had to stick to a percentage of French language music that it had to play by law, before it could play any other language music. Something like 70/30. So, by default, any English singing acts just getting into their Top 40 was a success.
  9. Kylie recounting her father's reaction to the John Galliano-designed costumes for the Let's Get To It Tour was low-key hilarious and oh so wholesome.
  10. Not me fully crying my eyes out at the Glasto part of the Vogue video, whew
  11. I know, so cute.
  12. Just dropping by to say Happy Birthday to Kylie’s amazing 10th studio album. I know it’s a divisive one amongst stans due to the mix of styles and the lead single not being what people wanted post cancer recovery but it’s up there for me as one of her best works. The icy electro sounds suited her so well and amongst the tracks some have become my very favourites.... Like A Drug, Speakerphone and No More Rain especially. The tour the following year was an absolute triumph feeling fresh and vibrant after the extended Showgirl period. Still love watching it today!

    So whilst we revel in DISCO and it’s well deserved success let’s take a moment to remember this comeback of sorts from over a decade ago!
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  13. Modern classic Put Yourself in My Place on Disco TV right now.
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  14. Happy 13th birthday X-a teenager already? Wow, to quote the biggest hit of the album, where does time go?! Not one of my favourite albums (I'm in the more Team Body Language Camp!), but it does have it's fair share of highlights that's for sure all the same. It was also just so wonderful to have Kylie back healthy and making music again too.
  15. I always love when Kylie goes in more icy, minimalist electro mode and her flirtations with R&B so the Bloodshy tracks, the Calvin Harris tracks and Like a Drug are favorites of mine. I hope after the swirling disco of er, Disco she pays a visit back to the 80s.

    The tour was also a complete triumph, probably William Baker's best moment as a stylist and tour director.
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  16. The tour really was outstanding.
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  17. The tour was the last time I think she was brave in terms of the length of the show and set list. Most of the X album played, nods to deep cuts from previous albums and unreleased tracks, a Towa Tei track as an interlude and some of the most bizarre styling ever (yet phenomenal).

    Loved it!
  18. Yes, it was such a cool setlist. Ruffle My Feathers for one thing!
  19. It’s criminal that song was never formally released!
  20. Certainly is.
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