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Kylie Minogue - General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Weezerfan, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. Glad to see everyone agreeing how incredible X’s tour was! Those tour mixes of Can’t Get You Out Of My Head and Come Into My World are still a dream come true.
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  2. I will never not Stan All I See!

    Here for the X era, the only change I’d make since hearing the demo leaks is that Sexual Gold should have been on the album

    feeling the X tour love too, fantastic!
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  3. Also, while people usually associate Kylie with the campiness of the Showgirl and Aphrodite tours, I loved how minimalist and focused on bold styling and stark setpieces the X tour was. The opening, the skull and Japanese segments are still some of my most favorite moments of any tour ever.
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  4. I prefer the more minimalistic and bold styling and set pieces of KylieFever2002 and KylieX2008 over the campiness of the Showgirl and Aphrodite tours, tbh.
  5. All I See, is my favourite of X.
  6. I'd never call X2008 minimalist.... It is just as fancy, over the top, and 'much' to me...

    However, yes, it is not the typical cabaret/drag-show-ish camp that Kylie goes back to every so often and it is probably better for it as it helped showcase a very different side of her as an artist.

    X2008, Showgirl Homecoming, and Money Can't Buy remain my favorite Kylie shows overall, I think. Infinite Disco is pretty close too.
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  7. The X tour was something special, I cant pinpoint just one part of the show that I liked I loved all of it.
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  8. Agreed! The only segment I don't care about is the Loveboat/Copacabana one, that was just... unnecessary.
  9. This was one of my favourite bits...
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  10. Island

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    @man.tis.shrimp too!
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  13. The Copacabana cover ruins the section for me, it would have been a lot better if they had Better The Devil You Know instead (as it was in the 2009 shows).
    Otherwise quite a great show, there's something really endearing about the encore.
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  14. I love the X tour but I have to pretend the Loveboat section doesn’t exist.
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  15. Is that time of the year again!

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  16. The X tour was the perfect combination of everything kylie is once they got the set list in order , it was sleek and forward thinking but had its moments of grandeur and camp , it just got the balance right , tho I wish the opening circle that kylie comes out on was filled with more lighting wires like it was ment to be . Also the reviews were phenomenal a French publication said it felt like being within a art installation
  17. I regret missing the KylieX2008 tour so much. The tickets went on sale the day I handed in my notice and I just couldn't justify the expense. I remember being in my next job the day the tour came to Glasgow and everyone was surprised I wasn't going.
  18. If anyone is interested, I’m watching a 2019 Dolly Parton documentary on U.K. Netflix called ‘Here I Am’ (which is really good) and Kylie is interviewed and talks about her love of Dolly in various segments throughout, which is quite nice.
  19. This was well written. I'm also a bad fan as I'd never heard Do You Dare before.

  20. Considering that you hadn't heard "Do You Dare" until recently, I'd assume that you haven't heard this Let's Get To It era b-side either.

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