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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Weezerfan, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. Amazing, looking forward to seeing this repeated on the BBC 4 Top Of The Pops repeats!
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  2. Any time I watch old BBC performances of anyone of Top of the Pops/chat shows, I'm always so engrossed in how flat the editing and camerawork is. And I'm convinced these directors all graduated to cover Glastonbury (Let's show the TV audience the crowd! From the front! From the back!)
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  3. Santa Baby got 4.1m streams yesterday. That’s insane.
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  4. On Spotify?
  5. Yes
  6. Catching the end of the Royal Albert Hall show on Sky Arts. I really
    Hope she’s able to do another few Christmas shows either next year or the year after!
  7. It’s my favourite show I’ve ever been to and I would kill to go again.
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  8. Kylie Christmas, looked like an amazing show to have gone too!
  9. Santa Baby has a new peak of no 32 in the U.K. charts. She now has top 40 hits in 5 different decades.
  10. Fabulous news!
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  11. And it's now her highest peaking single since "Into The Blue."

    Is "Santa Baby" Kylie's best chance at scoring a Top 20 hit in the 2020s?
  12. Disco release week was flawless but I think they missed a trick not giving us Say Something/Magic picture discs or CD singles to give them an extra push into the top 40.
  13. I know they don’t need to but it wouldn’t be a made idea to do a proper Santa Baby Video and give it a higher peak for 2021.
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  14. Looks like it, it also gives Kylie a chart span of UK top 40 hits of 32 years, 11 months, from I Should Be So Lucky making the UK top 40 back in January 1988 to the December 2020 re peak of Santa Baby. Impressive and then some.
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  15. I guess none of you cares about this at this point but... what happened with her work with Brooke Candy?
  16. Scrapped and never leaked, it seems? It's a shame, I'm sure whatever they worked on was fire.
    At least we have this fanmade remix.
  17. Get It Up Ya lives on in our hearts and fanboy dreams
  18. That’s what the 7”s were for.
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  20. 8 million streams since yesterday.
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