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Kylie Minogue - General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Weezerfan, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. It’s very rocky but not bad.
  2. If she was a real bumpkin she would've done Cowboy Style, etc
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  3. Seeing one of my faves cover another one of my faves definitely brightens up this Thursday morning for me!!
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  4. Uno


    She sounds good but she definitely sang that on auto-pilot.
  5. This only just proves how underrated Kylie is as a singer and what she brings to a song that very, very few people can.

    Obviously this woman is a very competent and trained singer but it's all a bit forgettable, wedding singer.
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  6. Always nice to see Kylie get paid tribute, not amazing performance, but still good!
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  7. I wonder if we hound Steve Anderson enough he'll upload a HQ 'You're The One' demo. It's not hurting anybody to get it out there seeing as we've had that crappy LQ version for years. (Also it would be nice for my upcoming rate...)
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  8. This is the best recent live version. I love Kelly but man, that dragged.

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  9. I've never seen this before
  10. Remastered for its 30th birthday! And kudos to whoever has done it as they’ve done a great job:
  11. Why does she always perform the album version?
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  12. Now we have the KM’94 demos in good quality a LQ You’re The One is the big stand out in my Kylie rarities collection
  13. I NEED a HQ song of this in my life!!
  14. Just listening to Stop Me From Falling for the first time in so long and whew, the boppery!
  15. Great song that, and still love the single cover too:
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  17. OMG first time I’ve seen this too. I’m guessing it’s from around the Intimate & Live tour dates based on her look and the dancers. Her vocal is flawless.
  18. Test me once! (had some fun with photoshop)

    Attached Files:

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  19. No, this is...

  20. This gives me tiny hope her performance of 'Victims' will one day appear and the 2004 performance of 'Too Far'. This is from the same night in 04...

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