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Kylie Minogue - General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Weezerfan, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. They really have done an amazing job with one of Kylie's most iconic music videos.

    I know we didn't get a full remaster of Better The Devil You Know but I hope more on their way if they can be done.
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  2. Same, Shocked has to follow next for sure!
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  3. I think What Do I have to Do was when Kylie became "cool" to like.
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  4. I think so too. What a song!

  5. I never need a reason.
  6. Just picked up Lets Get To It on vinyl off a second hand website and you know I'm going to frame it when it arrives. Criminally underrated masterpiece, don't @ me.
  7. Word is Out deserved more than it got.
  8. Word Is Out should have been #1 for 6 weeks. And so should What Kind Of Fool.
  9. Pop music fans seemed to be losing interest that era I mean Word Is Out and Preacher Man should've been massive.
  10. Here, here, as did the Let's Get To It era and album itself.
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  11. "Word Is Out" was cute, but it shouldn't have been the lead single from Let's Get To It. "Right Here, Right Now" was right there.
  12. There is that too... Adore both though.
  13. Revising history with a little fan artwork...

  14. If only
  15. Probably my all time Fave Kylie Album. It was so cool, and vibrant.
  16. Why oh why, could this not have been real??!
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  17. Sadly I nor the fans ran PWL as things fell apart at the Hit Factory in the early 90s ha ha #whatcouldhavebeen
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  18. There was nothing worthy of being a lead single from LGTI. They just had to go with what they had.
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  19. Right here right now would have been good with a Steve 'Silk' Hurley remix but Dannii got there first so no chance.
  20. Reported.
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