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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Weezerfan, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. Too Much of a Good Thing was the lead single. Even Janet thought so.
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  2. Would have been even better with a more prominent lead vocal from Kylie though. The first time I heard the track I thought PWL had messed up and put the backing track out!
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  3. A sharper mix would have been perfection. The song itself is ridiculous. PWL at their finest.
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  4. Let’s Get To It means I can bring up Give Me Just A Little More Time (12” Mix) and my very in the minority stanning of it

  5. Another day, another Kylie classic anniversary indeed.
  6. You are not alone! BBBBRRRRRRRRRR
  7. Finer Feelings, the title track and Give Me a Little More Time are really the only Let's Get To It tracks I use regularly, but I agree that Too Much of a Good Thing is a better lead than Word is Out.
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  8. "Live and Learn," people.

  9. Yes to this!
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  10. That album is near the bottom for me. I love Too Much Of A Good Thing and Finer Feelings is a top 10 (sometimes even top 5) Kylie song, but that’s about it.
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  11. Besides 'Finer Feelings', 'Closer' (1992) is the best song of the Let's Get To It era.
  12. Do You Dare being the B-Side to such a radically different song as Give Me Just A Little More Time, was a bold and genius choice.
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  13. Do You Dare? is such a thrill and is- for me- the pinnacle of the all to brief RaveKylie era.

    Live and Learn is probably the one track on the album I'm not a fan of. It doesn't really go anywhere and just plods along without much payoff. I find it quite dull to be honest.
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  14. 'Live and learn' is cute but it sounds like it would have been from some an era somehow in between 'Enjoy yourself' and 'Rhythm of love' where they tentatively dipped their toes into clubbier sounds for her.

    They really should have developed her more in the club direction. She was SO massive in the gay (and WDIHTD apparently was played in a lot of straight clubs from friends who were clubbing then) clubs back then.

    A full vocal 'Do you dare' and a slightly more commercial mix of 'Closer' would have absolutely sealed the deal. A remixed 'Right here right now' and 'Finer feelings' would have closed the era perfectly.
  15. It's just been rather lovely seeing general praise and respect of Let's Get To It, it's an Kylie album that never gets it's due I think.
  16. If Do You Dare was the A side and Give Me Just A Little More Time was the B side, I wonder what people’s reactions would have been and how it would have done in the charts.

    I imagine it would have charted pretty poorly (as much as I love it).
  17. There is a really good album somewhere there in Let’s Get to It, it just got bogged down by some of those awful ballads. Closer and Do You Dare should both have been on the album in lieu of No World Without You and If You Were With Me Now. This is what I use as an improved version of the record:
    1. Do You Dare? (NRG Edit)
    2. Word is Out
    3. Give Me Just a Little More Time
    4. Too Much of a Good Thing
    5. Finer Feelings (Brothers in Rhythm 7” Mix)
    6. Let’s Get to It
    7. Closer (Edit)
    8. Right Here, Right Now
    9. Live and Learn
    10. I Guess I Like It Like That
    And then I use the 12”/extended mixes of all the songs on a separate playlist when I want to live that Rave-lie fantasy. I just wish there was a longer version of I Guess It Like That!
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  18. Oh man I totally forgot about her performing victims @ GAY.
    That was a magical performance.
    I believe she sat on the stairs?
    I wonder if Jeremy recorded it?
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  19. Lets Get to It is a bit strange. Visuals on point (the album artwork is stunning). Great videos, and the music is largely good. Yet it feels like the least essential album for me.

    Right Here Right Now is the best song. I’ll never tire of it. Live and Learn and Too Much of a Good Thing are also top notch.
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  20. I think a lot of this is due to the fact that Kylie herself doesn’t really mention the album or any of the tracks. She performed Finer Feelings in 2012, and that was the last nod the album got.
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