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Kylie Minogue - General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Weezerfan, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. I would rather she did it as close to the original SAW single mix as possible if she's gonna do it. If not, a quick merciless acoustic romp.
  2. I really love the Bad Girls mashup she did on the last tours but she really needs to give it a rest on the next one.
  3. She sang it for Michael Gudinski - he signed her on that song - it's her first ever single.
    Let's not forget she was performing @ a funeral/memorial service!!
  4. Even if she wasn't performing at the man's memorial service who launched her career with that very song, Locomotion isn't going anywhere. It is what started her career and got her where she is today and she clearly loves it.
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  5. Watching Ugly Betty again and I find it really random and kinda a nice surprise that Do It Again is featured.

    One of the best B-Sides. Just like the rest of the X era's!
  6. I believe Wow was used in a Desperate Housewives promo around the same time as well.
  7. For this particular event Locomotion was the ONLY Kylie single to be sung. Do you not know Kylie's history?
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  8. Rippin' Up The Disco was on Gossip Girl at some point too. Quite random.
  9. No, I do know and I know the relevance the song has for this occasion.
    It was not the right time for my remark. Let me make it again another time.
  10. Its okay we’re all fans, no worries! I too am bored of some classics popping up again and again or done acoustically.
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  11. A CD-ROM bonus track appearing in the seminal teen drama of the late 2000s / early 2010s. X-era Kylie really was that (Gossip) Girl.
  12. Kids is the only song that really I want banned for life from a Kylie tour.
  13. I do love that track though. It is a great one but yes it does need a break from a tour...or two.
  14. I don't mind the (Light Years) album version. But, the live versions always leave me cold.
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  15. Random comment - do we know if Paul the boyfriend is in Melbourne with Kylie? He's not been photographed.
    She's been in Melbourne over 3 months. Wonder when she's planning to head back to London?

    I think most die-hards agree with you.

    I think she does 'Kids' for all the suburban Mum's who come and see her shows? Cause from the 19 or so Kylie shows I have seen, the crowd seems to love 'Kids'.

    I would love 'Too much of a Good Thing' @ the next tour! I know I am dreaming!
  16. I think she performed it with Dannii in one of her London shows I was at. That was wonderful!
  17. Dannii also did Melbourne Homecoming too.
    I saw the Sydney show when Bono performed with her.
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  18. I don't know whether to post this here or in the Apple thread but letting everyone know to check their version of All The Lovers on Apple Music - for me the album version got replaced by the Abbey Road version for some reason and I had the Abbey Road version twice.
  19. Hi, I wonder if this wasn’t actually replaced in AM, but instead is maybe some glitch where AM pulls a track from your own library and slots it in even though you are trying to only stream the original album from their servers.

    I almost died a few months back thinking that a brand new Fever remixed album had secretly been uploaded to AM... only to figure out that AM was just replacing the songs with remixes in my own library. Probably something in the meta data... but at least it was a damn good selection of remixes they had curated.
  20. It's likely an Apple Music glitch. It happened to me a few weeks ago with loads of songs in my library. It took It's No Secret out of her debut album as well and replaced it with an instrumental backing track from the maxi-single, which was very annoying.
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