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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Weezerfan, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. I'll dig them out and head over. Get the kettle on!
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  2. I think What Kind Of Fool, is another great video as well, she looks absolutely beautiful in it for one.
  3. The old PWL clips are on the dvd of that cheapo PWL release of the Greatest Hits with the headless model on the sleeve as extras.
  4. Stunning! I love that video so much. The lamp shade scene where she is dancing on the table...ART!

    Aha! So they are! I have that somewhere too. I must dig it out. I have recently moved back to the UK after many years living abroad. I'm staying with family at the minute and I must admit it has been very fun getting the boxes down from their dusty hiding places and going through them all. I found a bottle of Kylie Evian yesterday!! I'm sure I'll stumble upon the VHS, DVDs and CDs soon enough. I'm excited to see what other Kylie finds lie in wait for me. I'm hoping my mother hasn't gone on one of her famed cleaning sprees and binned the lot. Pray for me!
  5. I really love her look in the Black & White video
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  6. Who can we harass about getting the Sleepwalker EP on Spotify, I will do it.
  7. Finally a remastered version of the Confide video.

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  8. I'm even quite a sucker for the Hand On Your Heart video, one that believe Kylie herself wasn't too keen on shall we say for many a year. Perhaps because it's my favourite 80's/PWL single of hers too, I love it so much.
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  9. Why has it taken me 20 years to discover this song featuring Kylie?

  10. I am loving all the Hand on your Heart love on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter - but if I am honest to myself - I never really liked the song. The video was cool though. Enjoy Yourself could be my least favourite Kylie album actually.

    Kinda off-topic and me being a nosey busy body, but Kylie is going on 4 months in Melbs, is her boyfriend with her? There's only been photos of Kylie, and Kylie only.
  11. Whoooooo cares
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  12. I do!
    Some Kylie fans like her music, and have an interest in her "personal life".
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  13. There’s a reason why they call it a personal life. It’s private. We have no right to pry into her life. She lets us se what she wants us to see.
    Putting personal into quotation marks is really off putting.
  14. It's not that easy to get into Australia. And those Australians who are stranded overseas (about 40,000 of them) should be coming in before any non-citizen.
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  15. i-D did a retrospective of Kylie's style over the years.
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  16. This made me laugh today. Also, one of the replies: "This is the war the 30yos were talking about yesterday"
  17. Love the Come Into My World music video, one of my favourites.
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  18. Is there another pop star out there that does pop-culture references as good as Kylie?

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  19. This is low key incredible.
  20. Couldn't agree with this post more. Fans really need to fucking chill out on this shit. I really don't understand why they can't be content with all the great visuals and music Kylie has given us. But I largely don't care about any popstar's relationships.
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