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Kylie Minogue - General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Weezerfan, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. Exactly, I'm all about Kylie the pop star, the artist, the talent, the icon, the music legend. Her private life should be just that.
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  2. The Kylie classics that never were.

    Also, Kylie x Courtney Act needs to happen.
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  3. Nice programme on Channel 5 here in the uk - Kylie: 30 Years of Hits. The facts and talking heads are a bit questionable but there’s clips I’ve not seen before and I’ve really enjoyed it!
  4. Yes seen that when it was aired a few years ago initially, good watch and always nice to have something Kylie related on TV-give or take the errors aside!
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  5. Absolutely! There was tiny clip from Got to be Certain where she had the red dress on and her hair up which wasn’t part of the original video! Never seen that before!
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  6. Is it this look?
    There are so many versions of that video I've lost track.
  7. Yes, there was a total of 3 alternative versions made for Got To Be Certain. I believe, that was from the version that was attended to be the music video, but all concerned was not that keen and so another edit was was made-the one we are most used to which begins with the photographer taking photos of Kylie. The other edit, mostly is of Kylie (looking stunning!) in the black dress on the rooftop.
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  8. That’s the one! How have I never seen this? I feel like a not-so super fan today
  9. Wow! Never knew this. I love the black dress look at the end - she looks stunning. And the shuddering carousel horse of course!
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  10. Think my favourite look from the various Got To Be Certain videos, is this:
  11. That version is still so 'Charlene makes a pop video' she's so clearly unsure how to be herself that it feels like she's being Charlene with the silly 'boys are all the same' faces. It took her a long time to just 'be' and that's when things really clicked for her.
  12. Kylie's early videos and then the transition into the promo for Better The Devil You Know, is something special to watch.
  13. That her sound transitions at the same time as her visuals just makes it *chef's kiss*
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  14. The original Got To Be Certain video was probably done for Oz by Mushroom to quickly follow Lucky but when they saw Lucky started smashing around the world they realised it was not much cop and that some more money could be invested in project K. I'm surprised they kept the horse scenes, those looked naff even to impressionable 14 year old me.
  15. I love that you say 'Not much cop'. Brilliant!
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  16. Of course, he was brought up on Smash Hits!
  17. Never seen him say 'swingorilliant' though!
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  18. Got To Be Certain, really is such an underrated gem of Kylie's early music career.
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  19. Kylie's best single of the 80s for me!
  20. I approve.
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