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Kylie Minogue - General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Weezerfan, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. That's so lovely,
  2. These past messages are making me feel all Smiley Kylie!
    Love to all the Lovers!
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  3. Amen to that.
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  4. I heard an advert for a Radio 2 special about a jazz festival (Cheltenham Jazz Festival?) and they mentioned contributions from famous fans, and the sound bite was almost definitely Kylie. I think it was on tonight, for anybody interested!
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  6. A belated happy birthday to you too!
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  7. Thank you very much!
  8. Alok is releasing a horrible remix of Can't Get You Out of My Head next month. Homophobia at its finest.

  9. Oh dear. I must admit I hate these mostly depressing modern day updates of classic pop songs.
  10. The worry is that if one of these becomes a hit then the subsequent tour version ends up a hybrid arrangement of it.
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  11. Oh dear. Let's hope not.
  12. I really need the next Can't Get You Out of My Head tour arrangement to go off as hard as possible, something bombastic like the Kiss Me Once tour version would be great.
  13. It's very sunburnt British tourist during an Ibiza sunset.
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  14. I was playing Can't Get You Out Of My Head the other day, and although it's not my favourite Kylie single/song, there's no denying it's classic status and has aged very well. Would love a 7" vinyl of it for it's 20th anniversary later in the year.
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  15. I actually quite like the arrangement, tbh. It's the male vocal that I can't get behind—I do appreciate that they didn't change the pronouns for the cover though. I wouldn't mind Kylie using a similar arrangement sometime in the future, but I can't imagine it'd be the arrangement that they use during the Disco tour when it eventually happens.
  16. I hate this trend of saying something's a remix when it's a cover. A remix should contain some element of the original material, non?
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  17. The original artist, at a push.
  18. Of topic.
    But I was writing to text and was typing Kylie. And my auto type was suggesting the other Kylie.
    Now I'm mad at my phone.

    Back on topicish
    That version of Head is actually OK.
  19. Can we agree that the version of 'Get outta my way' from the 'Kiss me once' tour is the only live version that captures the pure bop-ness of the song?
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