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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Weezerfan, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. Reading mid-90s back issues of Music Week and it seems Virgin Radio might be due a slight reprieve - apparently they were the only radio station who playlisted "Where the Wild Roses Grow" and almost every single UK radio play of the track (apart from those plays on a chart show where they had to play it) was on Virgin.
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  2. The way Kylie's music was snubbed by radio even back in the mid to late 90s was just wrong.
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  3. Totally. And I know it's not everyone's favourite. Yet I've always thought that Some Kind Of Bliss was very radio friendly.
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  4. I have a soft spot for Some Kind Of Bliss, such a feel good song. Especially on a nice sunny day.
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  5. I've always felt that it wasn't Kylie per se, it was Stock Aitken Waterman that was being held up as being the WORST music of the 1980s. The knives were out for them as much as anyone else associated with that decade, until the early 2000's when people started to get over their collective distance from that time.
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  6. And she really was the poster child for them so she got the main share of the criticism
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  7. "Beautiful" is the one track to me that just feels completely inessential and bonus-trackish. Leave it on Enrique's album, Min.
  8. Never minded Beautiful to be honest, and always prefer the duet on the album as opposed it being solo.
  9. I'd rather listen to Kiss Me Once over Golden—and Disco—as well.

    Kiss Me Once is a very solid collection of good to great songs with a couple of duds—"Beautiful," "Mr President" and "Sexy Love" specifically.
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  10. Kiss Me Once is a good little pop album just a shame everything else that was going on behind the scenes with Parlophone and Roc Nation which wasn’t a good fit. I’m glad she’s moved on, she has had a revival of sorts since then which has been good to see.
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  11. Yes, on the whole, BMG these past few years, have been good for her.
  12. Roc Nation and Kylie would have been a perfect fit if not for Parlophone. She should have left Parlo after Ultimate Kylie and her cancer diagnosis. The wheels were wobbly for X and Aphrodite but totally came off during K25.
    Roc Nation would have opened new doors for her that could have seamlessly brought her into 2014 with a sound that was fresh but still Kylie. And had she left Parlo sooner she would have had more options for a label and maybe not have to rely on being a heritage act quite as soon as she has.

    Kiss Me Once is still much more enjoyable than Disco though, there's enough of a hint of the Kylie who doesn't settle on safe in there to make it shine.
  13. Disco>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Kiss me once.
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  14. Oh good, people are finally starting to see that Kiss Me Once is actually a great album! A lot more more enjoyable than Golden and Disco to me.
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  15. Kiss Me Once is a pretty great album to me. There's a few misfires but it's mostly a really soild album. If Only and Feels So Good are some of my favourite ever Kylie songs. Golden Boy and Crystallise from that era also get a lot of replay from me.
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  16. The problem for me on Kiss Me Once, and her career in general, is that whenever Kylie hitches her wagon to popular songwriters/producers for success, the results rarely measure up commercially. Whether that’s Pharrell, Sia, Manic Street Preachers, the forgotten (thank god) Sigala collab, M-People etc

    I think she’s much more successful with lesser known (at the time) songwriters like Cathy Dennis, Calvin Harris (his work on X), Emiliana Torrini, Kish Mauve etc

    Obviously Stuart Price and the Scissor Sisters would be the exception.
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  17. I love almost everything kylie does but I barely touch Kiss Me Once and it’s not because it wasn’t successful it’s because I just don’t like the songs enough to seek them out. They’re... fine but that’s about it. I don’t think they’re terrible by any means but you’re just left feeling like she deserved better than this.

    Contrary to many opinions I think Golden and Disco have been two of her best albums ever. Solid quality pop music!
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  18. Ok. The Locomotion. Album version or single version (7’’ mix) ?

    I’m not even including the original Oz version
  19. Album version for me. I absolutely HATE the 7" mix.

    (Although I am fond of the chug chug chugchugCHUGchug bits in the Oz version)
  20. 7" Mix for me.
    The album version falls a bit flat compared with it.
    I heard the original Oz version first as that was the version VH1 was airing for some reason.
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