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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Weezerfan, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. I love the “all aboard” bit.
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  2. Neither.
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  3. I don't know if you can really make this claim when only two of these were released as singles.

    I'd place the blame for the underperformance of "I Was Gonna Cancel" on the way that Parlophone rolled it out rather than on the song itself. I know that the large gap between the album's release and the release of "I Was Gonna Cancel" was due to her label and Enrique's label failing to reach an agreement about the release of "Beautiful," but Parlophone's inability to come up with a contingency plan within a more suitable timeframe and then giving Kylie the absolute minimum budget for a music video for the second single off her then-current album didn't help matters.
  4. I low-key live for your disdain of PWL era Kylie.
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  5. The struggle of teen me living in the tiniest city with no modern radio or access to new music / record stores who regularly had new singles and listening to the Little Eva original version from a 60s compilation my cousin owned, pretending it was Kylie and yall were like 'oh no, don't want the flat version where is the choo choo'.
  6. I have to admit. Even though I love her PWL stuff, I never really could warm to her version of The Locomotion.
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  7. The original Little Eva version is a bop though so...
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  8. I lived for it when I was 8
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  9. I'm not doing it for likes. It's a lifestyle, it's a vibe, it's an aesthetic, it's an ideology, it's a manifesto!
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  10. I mean, I love a lot of the PWL stuff and have no time for that track.
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  11. I remember hearing the Little Eva version of "The Locomotion" when I was about six (1989) and I just thought someone's stereo was playing slow and needed new batteries.
  12. Kylie's version of The Loco-Motion all the way for me! The 1987 pre SAW makeover version is quite underrated too.
  13. I also thought the KYLIE TOUR was Kylie standing at the front of a coach showing everyone round all the sights and landmarks of a different city each day. I'd low key still buy a ticket for that.
  14. Was the Sam Sparro duet from the Kiss Me Once sessions? I thought the Kylie + Garibay sessions happened after Kiss Me Once was released.
  15. The Sleepwalker songs are Kiss Me Once outtakes but the second EP was done after the album.
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  16. Sleepwalker EP is SO good, should be on streaming I think.
  17. Think I’m in the minority here I just can’t get into these songs. The Garibay ones were much more accessible to me. But still be good to have them on streaming
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  18. Yeah, the Sleepwalker songs have always sounded like demos to me, and a little unfinished. The Kylie + Garibay tracks are much better,
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  19. I can get into Glow but the others I can take or leave
  20. The unfinished and raw quality is exactly why I love the Sleepwalker EP. There's atmosphere because of the lack of thick polish.
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