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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Weezerfan, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. Yeah, it's by far the most interesting thing she's done in a decade. The exact opposite of Kylie-by-numbers.
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  2. Glow and Wait are seriously strong for me.
  3. I don't know if this is an unpopular opinion, but I would've happily traded "Fragile" and "Your Love" for "Tightrope" to be on the standard edition of Fever.
  4. I literally hate this opinion. "Fragile" and "Your Love" are top tier. So is "Tightrope," but damn, man!
  5. I've always felt that having both "Fragile" and "Your Love" on the same album was a bit redundant because both do the same thing with little variation.
  6. Fragile is stunning with a capital S. I also adore Your Love but can see why most don't like it. It's a little light weight compared to most of Fever.

    Why get rid of anything though, it's a twelve track album. There was room to add Tightrope on the standard version rather than regulate it to a b-side/ bonus track.
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  7. The middle eight of Your Love is the most heartfelt and emotional moment of Fever and the whole album would fall apart without it.

    I thought it best you know that...
  8. "Your Love" has more edge than "Tightrope" does, even though the latter is the better song.
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  9. They should have really tacked on Tightrope when they reissued the album with the new Come Into My World version.
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  10. I couldn't imagine Fever without Fragile. Superb song.
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  11. Fragile is probably in my Kylie top 20. Maybe even 10. It's such a beautiful song.
  12. It most certainly is.
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  13. I woke up today and decided to choose chaos.
  14. The only track I'd remove is 'Dancefloor'. 'Good Like That' should've won that placement.
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  15. The Fever campaign was just so damn perfect. We were spoiled with excellent material all around. The head rush of “Whenever You Feel Like It” is a personal favorite that should have made the standard.
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  16. Fever, really was an era full of perfect early 00's pop wasn't it?
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  17. Such an underrated bop.
  18. Boy, Tightrope, Good Like That, Baby, such B-Side bops.
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  19. Going back to late 90s Kylie now, and very much enjoying this:
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  20. Fragile was playing in baggage claim at LAX last year when I was picking up my husband and I wouldn't trade that bizarre experience for anything. Next!
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