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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Weezerfan, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. This, had she left parlophone back then then things would have worked out better for her i think in my opnion, a lot fo the artists signed onto parlaphone were dropping like flies cos they didnt want to work with parlophone no more as their mgmt structure had totally changed but Kylie remained loyal, loyal to a fault which didnt turn out great for Kylie. Kylie nad Beyonce should have become because of the RocNation affiliation :)
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  2. Parlophone showed signs of not being up to task as far back as 2007 when they decided to wait a week before releasing physicals for 2 Hearts. I believe if downloads and physicals came out the same day she could have been top 3, maybe even #1.
    They only just successfully managed her in the download age but failed on all parts in the streaming age.
  3. Wasn't it also true that if the CD and Downloads for All The Lovers were released at the same time it would have been a #1?
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  4. I don't know on that one (or even if 2 Hearts could have gone #1 nn) I just think it was silly for an act who is known for being reliant on physical singles to not have the physicals ready for release week, especially for a lead single.
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  5. It's a shame that it took until the release of "Better Than Today" for Kylie to realize that the way that Parlophone was handling her single releases was archaic. Despite me finding it slightly overrated by the fanbase, "Get Outta My Way" deserved so much better than a No. 12 in the UK and No. 69 in Australia peak and probably could've performed much better if its rollout hadn't been a mess.
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  6. The "it's coming out....soon" bit on X factor when Dermot asked about when Better Than Today was coming out was....painful. Not even a mention of the album being out and the song being readily available.
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  7. The only acceptable response would've been "It's now available to download on iTunes. You can find it on my recently No. 1 album, Aphrodite."
  8. I wonder if she had been told beforehand that Dermot would announce the album and single being out and thus was thrown when Dermot decided to pose it as a question rather than make a statement for her to confirm.
  9. That would've required "Better Than Today" having a release date for Dermot to announce.
  10. It was hardly Frost vs. Nixon, she could have easily added something in, rather than doing....what she did.
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  11. This wasn't exclusively a Parlophone fault though. Call The Shots and Headlines (Friendship Never Ends) are two examples I can think of where the download was available prior to the physical around that time. It was just something being trialed.
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  12. 2006/7 was when the Downloads Can Chart A Week Before Physicals era happened. What happened with "All the Lovers" was that the song was on radio/YouTube for a month before it was out digitally and then another (three IIRC) weeks before the physicals. That month cost them some momentum. The download should have been ready to go when the video premiered, but instead they waited another 2 weeks and allowed "Alejandro" to take all the New Music Video chat on social media.

    Let's also remember that "All the Lovers" was her biggest selling single in eight years and launched a #1 album.
  13. I’ve been making some pop documentaries over on my YouTube channel. Here’s the latest. I hope you like it.

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  14. This is really well done, deserves lot of views. Thanks for posting, and hope you do some more Kylie deep dives!
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  15. Great work, such a fantastic era for Kylie!
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  16. Thanks for watching!
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  17. Parlophone really fought to keep kylie after aprodite but she was persuaded to stay , she could gave chosen not to do X with them , roc nation were a shit show from start to finish , they basically put two apprentices in charge and they had no idea about her they looked at her more as a c-list celeb and they didn't what to do , no one at roc knew anything about kylie her career up to then or what she wanted or how to push forward , look at that bloody smart water thing they pushed her out to, they interfeard with the kmo tour as they thought it wasn't initially hit filled and were afraid it would stop casuals from buying tickets not to mention that bloody witchy poo showgirl monstrosity they literally forced her to wear because they had asked people what they associated with kylie and alot of people said showgirl and then it had to be part of the show, the final straw was when they didn't mention the German dates fuck up till the last minute, she was more than furious when she found out
  18. Show Kylie this!
  19. I did tag her on Instagram and Twitter but, alas, no reply.

    feel free to retweet ha!

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  20. Although it wasn't the most glamorous gig, I'm sure that the Glaceau Smartwater event banked Kylie a lucrative pay cheque to just stand there and pose with their water.

    And can a management team really force costumes upon a popstar? Like I genuinely hated the styling in that era, but I can't imagine that Roc Nation was at fault for that.
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