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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Weezerfan, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. Starstruck CD available to preorder now - the first UK Kylie CD single since 2014?! Love that it's a J-Card.
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  2. Kylie leaving Parlo post X or Ultimate sounds good in theory. There's no guarantee however that the likes of All the lovers. The one or Get outta my love may never have come her way and that's quite frankly a thought I don't wish to dwell on.
  3. Definitely passes the Dolly Parton test.
  4. There were more misses than hits during Kylie's time with Parlophone. Post Ultimate Kylie she was still easily marketable and got a good record deal. But then with her health I'm sure it was not a priority.
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  5. I’m no fan of how Parlophone executed the last few albums but I do think you can’t discount the huge change in how music was being consumed. Kylie did well in the physical era and managed to start ok with the mix of downloads and physicals but she and her management were not exactly on the ball either (remember X Factor and Better Than Today faux pas?)........add in the move to streaming and she was lost in terms of the singles charts. I’d love her to score more hits but in real terms none of her contemporaries are these days - like some have said in the past singles artists have a shelf life and Kylie did amazingly well to keep her chart run in tact for 20+ years. I’m just glad she keeps making great music and her albums and tours sell well as she has more than justified her icon status.
  6. Yep. They should never have shied away from In My Arms because of the leak, which was utterly contained to super fans online.
  7. People mention this moment but no one was going to buy Better Than Today anyway.

    Given how much of a cut a record company like Parlophone takes they should have been more on the ball. They were also hemorrhaging artists. Lily Allen had very little good things to say by the time she left Parlophone, they killed off much of her career.
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  8. Thank you for this, such an interesting watch.
    Something caught my ear in her Shocked video interview, she says that DNA remixed it and then it became an obvious single. I wonder if that implies that they initially planned another song to be a single.
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  9. I believe due to Rhythm Of Love not charting or selling as well as her first two albums and then What Do I Have To Do then missing the top 5 (her first to do so in the UK singles chart), initially no more singles were considered until DNA stepped in.
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  10. Yes, I know that too. But I think the artists and their management also have to keep up with trends and when someone is established I’d hope they have a little more say than a new artist. I guess labels just got messed up a bit too and didn’t quite grasp the streaming age as quickly as they should (plus of course the huge drop in income).
  11. Kylie did mention around the time that they were releasing records 'like it was 1989' but I guess at the end of the day it is Parlophone who controls all of that.

    Shame because ROL and its singles are vastly superior. WDIHTD is one of the best Kylie singles ever.
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  12. Wasn't it Kylie herself who pushed for "2 Hearts" to be her comeback single?
  13. This. Lilly Allen and MANY other artists who were leaving parlophone in droves had nothing but bad things to say about them, Kylie should have dumped their sorry back sides and joined somewhere else, but she had just come back from her cancer scare and was feeling vulnerable at that time and needed security.
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  14. No idea, but as much as it's a nice enough song, it just doesn't scream lead at least to me anyway. I can remember radio not touching it much at the time back then too.
  15. Was such a shame. I remember reading that ‘she should I’ve been able to record her answer phone message and it go straight to number one’ - there was that much anticipation and excitement after her illness. She looked absolutely amazing in the video though, so much sass!
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  16. I know, it really was a shame, I remember it was apparently #2 in the initial midweeks and then of course fell to #4 by the very end. So, whilst didn't do bad, it just wasn't what people expected either. And yes, love this look here:
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  17. Considering how safe Parlophone liked to play it with Kylie, I definitely feel like it was Kylie who pushed for the release of "2 Hearts." I'd imagine that Parlophone would've preferred a more traditionally Kylie lead, a la "In My Arms," "The One" or "Wow."

    However, if we never got "2 Hearts," we probably wouldn't have gotten "All The Lovers" either, so I guess that that's a silver lining.
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  18. Yes, silver lining there indeed.
  19. 2 Hearts was released just before Kylie appeared in 2007’s Doctor Who Christmas episode ‘Voyage of the Damned’, co-starring alongside David Tennant playing The alien with 2 hearts.

    They really thought they did something.
  20. 2 Hearts did seem like an odd choice, especially because it really doesn't represent the 'X' sound at all.

    I always thought Wow, In My Arms and The One were clear singles choices though so I'm glad they were released.
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