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Kylie Minogue - General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Weezerfan, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. The Light Years era was really spoiled for single choices - Light Years, Butterfly, the actual singles, Disco Down
  2. Proof alone why Light Years is my favourite Kylie album!
  3. I'm so jealous you guys got to experience Kylie in her entirety. For a long time, Americans only got the Fever era.
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  4. I do love that I've lived through her entire career from Neighbours to PWL, to Virgin Radio making a big deal about banning her songs because they were misogynistic pricks who thought they were cool, to my Dad saying she's a has-been, to everyone in my college media class saying she's a has-been, to her fucking massive comeback rubbing it in all their faces.

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  5. Light Years is her best album to date. Coming on the back of a fairly rocky decade for her made it all the more impactful.
  6. Feels I've known you a lifetime 'FOR SOME OF YOU IT IS A LIFETIME!!!'...
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  7. I love when she does this!

    It's like a long reign of musical excellence!
  8. I loved the Light Years era. I had rediscovered Kylie's music and caught up on all of her '90s material as most of it wasn't released here in Canada.

    I got a promo copy of Light Years for the magazine I was writing for at the time. There was talk I might do a phone interview with her. Sadly, it didn't happen but I couldn't get enough of Light Years. Disco Down and Butterfly were my two favourite non-singles and I've always been fond of "I"m So High".
  9. Light Years has incredible highs, but it also contains some of her cheesiest stuff that I struggle to enjoy. Like, I don’t need “Love Boat,” sorry. “I’m So High” is a forgotten classic, though.
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  10. Before becoming a Kylie stan, I actually thought Spinning Around was her debut single for the longest time! Light Years is a good album but it overruns a bit and there's a few tracks that could've been relegated to b-side status.
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  11. I love Kylie's longevity, 34 years and counting. Long may she reign!
  12. Kylie will be like Dame Shirley Bassey and still an icon in her 80s!
  13. When you think of all the various female artists that burst onto the scene back in the late 80s, and well lets face it, Kylie truly has outlasted them all.
  14. I knew once Rhythm of Love was released that she would always be around.
  15. Me and my beloved were just watching Debbie Gibson music videos as she was one of his teen pop Queens back in the day, and it's quite safe to say that she and Tiffany didn't quite make it into the 90s as well as Kylie did!
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  16. It houses the only listenable versions of some of her early songs (most notably Never Too Late and Hand On Your Heart), and I also think that this orchestral version of All The Lovers is superior to the original one. Come Into My World, Flower and Finer Feelings are gorgeous, too – as is Confide In Me, but the latter obviously is the 11/10 in Kylie's discography no matter which iteration. This being said, I also think it was not the right time for her to release that album, as it was one huge step closer towards being a legacy act way sooner than necessary; K35 would've been soon enough for The Abbey Road Sessions.
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  17. If Kylie and BMGs stars hadn't alligned, I'm pretty sure we'd be listening to a duets album by now, with genre reworkings of the usual tracks featuring whoever Warner Music would budget for.
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  18. I’m So High and Under the Influence of Love are 2 of my favourites from Light Years!
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  19. Fever too actually.

    'Love Affair', 'Fever', 'Burning Up' and 'Tightrope'...

    But Light Years is my favourite overall. It's an essential pop album.
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  20. Who hurt you?

    Those PWL classics are very of their time, given, but they are stone cold, sunshine filled, happiness inducing, BAWPS! I love the stripped back versions on TAS and they do reveal the bittersweet sides of the tracks but they could never replace the originals for me. As for TAS version of 'All The Lovers' being superior to the original. I......need a lie down.
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