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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Weezerfan, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. I'm a huge PWL Kylie stan but Never Too Late is unlistenable- the production is dreadful. The Abbey Road Sessions reimagining is the superior version, to me at least.
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  2. I feel like this is a generational thing. I can't with most of Kylie and Enjoy Yourself either.
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  3. This is like saying the razor tv advert version of Venus is better than the Ramas…
  4. I think it mostly is a generational thing yes, I stan her PWL era including the two 80s albums and only just 30 now too.
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  5. It really isn't.
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  6. Fans have 'come on board' at various times throughout her career. It's how she's lasted so long. I was there from her early pop beginnings. It was SAW music that spoke me as a young boy who was struggling with his sexuality. I am sure we all felt she was there for us at some point.
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  7. I do like the debut, but Enjoy Yourself is dire and it's mostly because they tried to make a "grown up" version of the debut that just ended up sounding like the sonic equivalent of a cruise ship.
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  8. I only use "Hand On Your Heart" and occasionally "Enjoy Yourself" from Enjoy Yourself. "Never Too Late" has the potential to be a great song like The Abbey Road Sessions proved, but I can't with the original.
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  9. Light Years has a good amount of career highlights but I find it a bit uneven.
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  10. Hand On Your Heart - Never Too Late - Wouldn't Change A Thing is a great trifecta to me.
  11. Enjoy Yourself the song is also cute.
  12. Just listened to a few Enjoy Yourself tracks to see if my opinion changed and the soundscape makes me really uncomfortable for some reason. Which is weird because it's not that much different than the debut's.

    Her vocals sound really good on that album though. Very clear and strong.
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  13. Enjoy Yourself (the song), is one of Kylie's strongest from PWL all round I think.
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  14. I've said it before, but I think Enjoy Yourself would've worked a lot better as a re-release of Kylie than an actual album. There's a pretty nice album that you can make by cherry-picking tracks from each record.
  15. It sold a million copies in the UK alone so it did it's job. The songs and melodies just weren't there.
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  16. I loved Enjoy Yourself when I was six years old, much, much more than I liked the debut, but as an adult I can see it's saddled with those truly awful songs in the middle and is carried by its great singles, "Dreaming (Over You)" and the title track. 6 year old me though Kylie was naff as fuck, but as an adult, it's just the cover art, the videos and "The Locomotion" that are naff, the rest is slick and at moments quite dark, sophisticated 80s pop.
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  17. Speaking of PWL Kylie, "Look My Way" is probably my favorite song from her debut with "Turn It Into Love" as a close second.
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  18. Enjoy Yourself is a far superior album to the debut. It just has more life to it.
  19. For me Enjoy Yourself is easily her worst album. The first three singles are the classics and the title track is one of her best across the first two albums. I can enjoy Tears On My Pillow for the nostalgia. Everything else is pretty dire.
  20. She was a superstar by the time of Enjoy yourself and that album wasn't fit for a superstar.
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