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Kylie Minogue - General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Weezerfan, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. She needed the success of 'Enjoy Yourself' to be able to put her own stamp on her career after that. It was fun for what it was but it did feel a bit like 'rinse & repeat'. To go from 'Kylie' to 'Rhythm' in 1 album would have been too much for the GP, it needed an interim.
  2. Enjoy Yourself is a typical second album. Generally more of the same but not always as good.
    How many PWL acts could even boast that?
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  3. Hand On Your Heart is great and does sound like a step forward for Kylie for the time. However, I was not alive back then so this is just going off of how it sits alongside her back catalogue.
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  4. I don't know exactly why and I'm sure you've said before that English is not your first language but this particular choice of phrasing has me SCREAMING. I love it.
  5. It was the perfect lead. Wouldn't change a thing wasn't anywhere near as good. Then the album came out and it all felt a the numbers. Like all of a sudden there was a deadline for writing and recording KM2 and it was all a bit forced. It was a sign that SAW were running out of steam.
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  6. It didn't feel like a huge leap but it was great fun all the same. I am pretty sure I was happy to have more of the same, it made' Devil' all the more exciting. Her sound matured at a time when I was dramatically maturing myself.
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  7. Speaking of Rhythm Of Love, currently playing Secrets, always seems to get such a bad rep this one. My favourite alum track from it.
  8. "Pillow talk in the afternoon!"

    Love it.
  9. I always liked Hand On Your Heart but after hearing it was supposed to be a Ten City rip off I love it even more.
  10. Hurrah!
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  11. Which song was it meant to be ripping off?
  13. My new response to emails and people that waste my time , also a idea for my headstone
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  14. The only Ten City song I know - not sure why I asked!
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  15. I…. Can’t stop watching that video…
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  16. That’s the way bop is
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  17. Hand On Your Heart, was her best PWL single for me.
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  18. During the PWL era I wasn't disappointed with anything until Word is Out.
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  19. I love Word Is Out, but can see why it divides opinion too. Even more so as a new/lead single following the Rhythm Of Love singles run.
  20. Secrets was always going to have its work cut out, following Better The Devil You Know, Step Back In Time and What Do I Have To Do? on the album. Although it was a single in its own right…

    I loved the first two albums as a kid, and Rhythm of Love is one of my favourite Kylie albums, but the best thing about the SAW years was Kylie herself. Nobody could have sold those songs like Kylie did.

    I’ve always found Pete Waterman’s comments about Kylie and the songs they wrote for her condescending.
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