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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Weezerfan, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. I dreamt I was in the studio with her last night and told her to listen to Japanese Breakfast's Posing In Bondage as inspiration for the next album. She enthusiastically approved.
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  2. Heaven & Earth, Tell Tale Signs, and My Secret Shart drag Enjoy Yourself down soooo much. But if you bin those, I prefer the album over other PWL ones most days. The title track is a lost single.
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  3. I mainly listen to her PWL stuff in their 12'' Mixes (like I do with a lot of 80s stuff). It still sounds great fun to me but sometimes being there makes all the difference. It's still great when later fans go back and appreciate her older stuff. It wasn't the 'cool' thing to do as a kid, which made it feel even more special
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  4. I feel like I mention this every time but ever since I heard that rumour/whatever that Heaven and Earth is actually about recycling I can’t unhear it and ruined any kind of enjoyment I did get from it (which wasn’t a lot)

    I found adding We Know The Meaning Of Love and Especially For You to Enjoy Yourself helps too
  5. I loved My Secret Heart back in the day.

    And Heaven & Earth was Kylie’s attempt to avert climate catastrophe (along with Try by Bros)!

    I forget that Tell Tale Signs exists. It must be one of my most skipped tracks of all time?
  6. I agree, Kylie was something extra special. Hence why she's lasted and their other acts haven't.
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  7. I totally agree. SAW thought they’d invented some sort of formula, which they tried applying to Jason Donovan (and Sonia) with mixed results but the secret ingredient was always Kylie herself. That’s why the Parlophone era took off like a rocket.
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  8. Exactly, she wouldn't have still been here otherwise.
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  9. It was the cutesy look she needed break away from, otherwise she would have would have gone the way of many others. I remember by the time we got to 'Tears On My Pillow' her look had matured. It was then by 'Devil' her look fully blossomed, also reflected in the music, and grew from there. The difference was vast and helped by her relationship the time.
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  10. Better The Devil You Know, was arguably the defining moment of her career I think.
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  11. With hindsight, aiming for a more "mature" sound with songs like Tears On My Pillow and Tell Tale Signs was harebrained! Her fanbase was still kids, not middle-aged divorcees! Tears On My Pillow was the first Kylie single I didn't buy on 7". I'm still shocked (no pun intended) at how dramatically SAW raised their game with Rhythm of Love.
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  12. She had more input and the club/dance scene was growing greatly and they wanted some of that.
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  13. I disagree, Tears On My Pillow was a direct tie-in with the Delinquents film in which Kylie went topless, encouraged/empowered by Hutchence, and so it was the direct link into Rhythm Of Love. Without the former, the latter might have taken longer to arrive, or we might never have got there.
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  14. As if Pete was near the studio at any point a Kylie song was being written.
  15. Yes, it was quite different from 'Never Too Late'. She was more womanly (if I can say that). It's what evolved into what we got for 'Rhythm'. I quite like 'Tears On My Pillow' too. It's cute and it suited her.
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  16. This sounds like a chicken / egg situation. Was "Tears On My Pillow" recorded specifically for The Delinquents and then added to Enjoy Yourself or was it recorded for Enjoy Yourself and then submitted to the soundtrack of The Delinquents when Kylie landed the starring role in the film? Regardless though, the film would've existed with its more adult-oriented content, so the Sex Kylie reinvention of Rhythm Of Love probably still would've happened without the single release of "Tears On My Pillow." That being said, it was her last UK No. 1 for a decade until "Spinning Around" so I guess that it had its fans.
  17. Yeah, I agree with that and never underestimate the influence of messrs Harding & Curnow, who were always clubby.
  18. Definitely the first one. Whilst her look had changed as 1989/early 1990 progressed the transformation in look and sound really happened with the May release.

    Of course she has repeated the “trick” of new looks and sounds several times over since then. Confide In Me is the other real standout moment for me. Along with Dancing. Both completely unexpected but Kylie made them work.
  19. I can only speak from my experience as a then 11-year-old Kylie fan who was totally bewildered by Tears On My Pillow. It was the first Kylie single I didn’t buy on 7”.

    Tears On My Pillow arguably had more to do with SAW’s penchant for cover versions of that genre (When I Fall In Love, Sealed With A Kiss, End of the World etc.) than it did empowerment?
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  20. It was more about the video and movie than the actual song where it was noticeable she had matured.
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