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Kylie Minogue - General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Weezerfan, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. I always forget about Tears On My Pillow. I still associate it more with Grease than Kylie.
  2. Like it a lot more than I used to, but still my least favourite of her 7 UK#1 singles.
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  3. That’s certainly how it was written about in the press at the time but besides me I don’t know anyone (in real life) who’s actually seen The Delinquents? It came and went so fast.

    Another thing that happened around that time was Madonna released Like A Prayer, which felt like the first “grown up” album I’d owned. It changed me at a cellular level!

    Kylie might have looked more mature in the Tears On My Pillow video but the music didn’t reflect that. I might have viewed it differently if I’d been an adult but Kylie’s fans were 10,11,12. I was oblivious to semantics, although Madonna’s new brown hair did blow my mind…

    In those days if you loved Kylie you usually loved Madonna, so the things Kylie was doing still looked tame by comparison.
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  4. Not all her fans were that young, I was 17. The difference in her appearance was very noticeable. I also saw 'The Delinquents' at the cinema, although it's not something I would watch if she wasn't in it. I think I have seen it only 1 more time since then. I have the DVD somewhere. It was OK but it wasn't exactly a crowd pleaser. I only know a few Kylie fans who have seen it.

    I have never seen 'Streetfighter' despite having the DVD for years and now the Blu Ray. I have only ever watched bits but it's not my kind of film.

    Yes, Madonna was filthy in comparison. Loved them both.
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  5. I've sat through Biodome and Kylie suggestively chomping a carrot is probably the only bit worth remembering 25 years on. Street Fighter at least has its charms and has a lot of camp and naff replay value.
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  6. Did anyone else see her in Hey Diddly Dee, that one-off drama with Matthew Horne on Sky?
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  7. I did watch that. It was dreadful. I own 'Cut' on Blu Ray which is fine for drunk Friday Night viewing.
  8. I saw that - was weird and not particularly memorable unfortunately
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  9. Devil proved she was more than a PWL puppet and Confide really solidified her as one of the pops greatest.

    Spinning, Head and Slow are all defining moments in her career too.
  10. I recall Kylie being pleased at the time of release of Tears On My Pillow as being her first single that SAW didn’t feel the need to double track her vocal giving a more natural sound too so there is that (plus of course it reaching #1 in the UK).
  11. I remember her saying that on one of those retrospective video clip shows around 2004, but Tears has major double tracking on it, doesn't it? Sounds like it to me. Also there's something weird going on with the last 'I'd gladly take you BACK', where either she was shouting or they tweaked something instead of a retake, but it stuck out at the time. Devil was the first time there's no double tracking, and she'd never sounded better at that point.
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  12. You could hear real personality from then onwards.
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  13. I wasn't a fan of Tears either - If you're going to do a song in that style, cheap sounding synth strings are a big no-no.
  14. I'm sure she said it's her Dad's favourite single of hers too.
  15. I feel like it's time for my biannual moan about the fact that Kylie and Luke Evans have not done any kind of collab, and that he didn't cover any of her songs on his album. Pretty sure he worked with lots of the same producers she has.
    Also to highlight how cute their friendship is and that I melt any time they are pictured together.

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  16. I sometimes think of Let’s Get To It as a patchy mess of an album in the way that X definitely was. But when you listen to it, messy mixing issues aside, every song on Let’s Get To It is actually very good. It’s a weird album but a good one.

    More importantly, did Kylie really call Jazzi P a bitch on the tour DVD? (If so, what a hilariously camp moment.)
  17. I have always really liked it, not as good as 'Rhythm' but still growth from the first two.
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  18. Leaps and bounds. The level of bravery from 1990 onwards is pretty landmark. Although I always thought that KM94 - aside from Confide - was a posher Let’s Get.
  19. This is absolutely true.
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  20. You could feel that's where KM94 started from 'Let's'. The mature R&B influence was there. 'Finer Feeling' felt like the template for 'Confide', especially the BIR Mix. Everything was evolving at that stage.
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