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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Weezerfan, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. Summer 1997 was when the industry decided to fight back against the £1.99 first week discount - "I'll Be Missing You" didn't have a discount and after that BMG decided it was stopping it across all of its single releases goign forward. The minimum dealer price to be allowed on the UK charts was £2.59 or something, but they would offer Buy 2 Get 1 Free deals to big retail so that the shop could afford to sell them cheap during first week before the second week £3.99 increase. Indie stores kicked up fuck about it, especially when it worked out cheaper for an indie store buyer to go and buy a stack of singles at £2.99 from Woolworths, sell them on again and then claim the tax back.

  2. Dddd I'm thinking of the wrong one
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  3. No worries!
  4. I can’t even remember how much they were. It was Kylie so I bought it.
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  5. But it wasn’t just Radio 1 pushing it. I remember at that time every day radio 1 did a top ten most requested and Some Kind of bliss was constantly in it so it must’ve been popular with the public.
  6. Kylie was £3.99 that week in my Our Price!
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  7. I remember when it charted at 22, it was definitely a feeling of “well she’s over”. At the time she was also a bit of a laughing stock in parts of the U.K. media. I remember there were often snide remarks about her in those Weekly woman’s magazines and in more music centric publications like NME and Q.
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  8. It did however make the comeback that much more delicious
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  9. This is what I found when I looked into the airplay reports in the Music Weeks - at the time you could accuse Radio One of being edgy and pushing a pre-release song more than the general public have appetite for (they certainly did that with Sleeper, for one example); but then how do you explain the fact that local radio - especially the ILR radio stations which are more conservative and play music that tests well with their listeners - didn't drop it during the week of Diana's death, and it still clocked in 1,000 plays in the two weeks after it bombed in the charts. Radio has access to the midweeks and would have known very quickly they've midjudged how much support they've given a song.
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  10. The 3D artwork for Impossible Princess is probably Kylie’s best album cover and I hope that is what they use for a hopeful vinyl release. There was a thread of Reddit and apparently independent vinyl producers have approached the record company for IP vinyl production rights but have been rejected.

    Also, the instrumental to Breathe is absolutely beautiful.

  11. I either couldn’t afford the lenticular artwork when it came out (this was around the time my bank asked Virgin to cut up my card. I had to hand everything back except the Breathe cassette single, which I bought with the change in my pocket) or HMV in Hanley just didn’t have it. But I paid around £14 for the standard edition and by the time I finished paying off my student overdraft + fines it was probably more like £60!

    Around 6 or 7 years ago a cheap CD shop opened in York and most of the stock was from the Britannia catalogue days (late 90s, early 2000s), which is where I suspect most of it came from. I bought four or five copies of IP with lenticular artwork for £1.99 (or 3 for £5) each. Whenever another copy popped up I grabbed it! I was half hoping to decorate a wall with 3D IP inserts but then the shop closed…

    I don’t think it’d be financially viable/possible for a record label to even produce that kind of packaging nowadays? But a vinyl release of IP with lenticular artwork would be a thing of beauty…
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  12. I bought the lenticular CD in a 2 for £20 offer with Mezzanine by Massive Attack.
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  13. A lenticular insert at CD jewelcase size cost 55p in 1997. So, roughly about £1.20ish now for CD size, around £4 for a LP size image. (note: economies of scale also apply)

    Ash and Garbage have both used lenticular covers in LP size for recent vinyl, but those retailed about £50, so I think any lenticular re-release would probably add £10 extra premium to a set - although I can't imagine there's many Kylie fans out there who would balk at £50 for an Impossible Princess 2xLP.

    It absolutely could be done, especially if Stephane or BMG still has the original sixteen-frames that made up the image.
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  14. Impossible Princess on vinyl, needs to be must!
  15. I had actually forgotten what the Some Kind of Bliss single artwork was and googled... I do think that was probably a mistake in hindsight.
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  16. The CD single artwork for that era was awful, I'm sure it put people off buying it.

    Still a massive fan of Some Kind of Bliss though - choon!
  17. I have my signed lenticular copy from the signing she did at Tower Records in Piccadilly Circus, though it’s the booklet not the lenticular cover that’s signed.
  18. It’s odd they chose such a dark and gloomy image for such an upbeat song.
  19. The whole 'Some Kind of bliss' promotion was based on the fanciful idea that post 'Wild roses' the public wanted more of cool, edgy indie Kylie. It was like deCon thought it was a dead cert to succeed and position her as a new alt Queen. They obviously shit their pants when it failed. Had the album been a success she may have been in the position they assumed she was at that stage. It was a classic example of not understanding your core audience at all.
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  20. I loved the cover art from the Impossible Princess era—the single cover for "Cowboy Style" in particular. I do agree that there was a disconnect with the way that "Some Kind Of Bliss" was represented visually by its single cover compared to how it sounded. Perhaps the photo that they used for "Did It Again" would've been a better choice. That being said, I really like the cover of "Some Kind Of Bliss," despite not particularly caring for the song.
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