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Kylie Minogue - General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Weezerfan, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. Voodoo is amazing and one day you WILL all understand.
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  3. Voodoo is better than all of Disco, facts are facts.
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  4. Imagine being this wrong.
  5. The only wrong people here are those who do not see the perfection of Voodoo.
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  6. If you had mentioned (mostly) any other track, then fair enough. But Voodoo sounds unfinished, the production is crap, and the vocals are awful.
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  7. Yeah, Voodoo is... not great.
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  8. You're The One, will always be the best unreleased Kylie song for me.
  9. I'm in the Mood for Love, Loving You, Spell of Desire (and Ruffle My Feathers if it is actually unreleased?)
  10. One of my favourite unreleased songs is Lose Control, however I prefer the production on the Kish Mauve version as it has more oomph.
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  11. It's...a demo. Of course it sounds unfinished.
  12. My Top 5 favorite unreleased Kylie songs would probably "Fall For You," "Lose Control," "Loving You," "Trippin' Me Up" and "Waiting 4 The Sun."

  13. And yet you claim it sounds better than a fully mastered and produced album? Hmm.
  14. Yep, you got it.
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  15. RRS


    Imagine if she just dropped a collection full of these completed to perfection. I’d die right there on the spot. To be fair she could pop loads of them out with what she has squirrelled away. Stick them on multi format and make a fortune!
  16. I'd snap them all up that's for sure!!
  17. My holy grail of unreleased Kylie is the full vocal demo of Do You Dare? What I'd give to hear it...
  18. Rob


    Fall for You is probably her best unreleased track, it's a real shame it doesn't include another verse.

    I still have no idea if Excuse My French or When the Cat's Away are actually Kylie but they're also worthy of being mastered and released.
  19. The version of 'Voodoo' that is available is a shoddy demo put together with the stems. The full Pro Tools set is out there so hopefully some person with the software can make a better more finalised version.

    'Spell Of Desire' has always been my favourite unreleased track.
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  20. The leaked demos of "Excuse My French" and "When The Cat's Away" were both sung by Mia J. No idea if Kylie ever recorded them, tbh.
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