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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Weezerfan, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. This is cute. The pre-chorus is pretty and she's serving peak sexy breathy Kylie but I can see why it was cut. It kind of lacks that metallicness that Body Language has.
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  2. You're absolutely right. I honestly think that her unreleased tracks are quite overrated; with the exception of some gems, you can really tell why they were left in the vaults.
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  3. Despite having run the Madonna Unreleased Rate, I feel similarly about Madonna's unreleased material. It is super fun to listen to though!
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  4. Too true! Love it or hate it, the X era is one of a kind and an embarrassment of riches.

    Anyway, here’s two unreleased favorites of mine on the mellower side of things. From the Fever and Aphrodite era respectively:

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  5. Change Your Mind really towers over her other unreleased stuff.
  6. Wow I've never seen that before! Really random......I kinda like some of the cheap sets, but it all just feels so random. What's it's history??
  7. All I know is that apparently Kylie hated both videos as they were on the cheap side to say the least. Shame, the song deserved much more all round I think.

  8. I absolutely LOVE this hair on her. The length and curls are so stunning. Also, nice to know Paul is with her in Aus. Unless she stole his clothes.
  9. Lose Control should have been on the album. It would have made so much more sense than something like All I See. Fall For You would have made a cute b-side.

    Wasn't there a rumoured song called either Deepest Blue or Clearest Blue which was intended to be the b-side for The One release? I've always been really curious about that one for some reason.
  10. The one with thousands of Kylie's is like Thriller compared to I was gonna cancel my career.

  11. Me getting home after a long day of being forced to be nice to people at work
  12. Wish I could like Kylie Wines, but not a wine drinker at all!
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  13. You'll remember I was talking about "Some Kind of Bliss" radio support from recently scanned 1997 aiprlay charts a month or so ago, now American Radio History has recently posted the archived Music Weeks up to October 30, 1999.

    The June 12th issue announces Kylie's signing with Parlophone. I knew Mushroom UK were wanting her at the time; incidentally Mushroom ended their relationship with BMG by the time Light Years came out so Kylie wouldn't have been linked to them again as it turned out. I wonder if Kylie and Terry saw the writing was on the wall with DeCon in November 98 and negotiated a parting of ways to avoid BMG from absorbing her into their main record label when they went bust.


    Interesting that the later October 30th issue states that Ladbrokes were offering odds of 7/1 on a Robbie/Kylie duet being the Christmas #1 of 1999, even though nothing was scheduled and appears to be entirely based upon the reports a few weeks earlier that they were working together.

    Also, Music Week review for Impossible Princess for those who are interested

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  14. Interesting article this and music history too. Despite what was to come, Kylie and Parlophone did work really well together at least initially, and some of the best pop songs of the 00s were the result too.
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  15. The ultimate long lost Kylie track: Where in the world ?

    It's included only on her first GH and the Greatest Hits 87-97. Full stop !
    Celebration gets more recognition ! It's include on Ultimate Kylie and Step Back In Time collection !
    This should be the first track of the next Anti Tour !
  16. "Celebration" was a single though—a moderately successful single—whereas "Where In The World" was an album track on a Greatest Hits album. Of course "Celebration" gets more recognition. The fact that "Where In The World" made two compilations is surprising.
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  17. The second one is just a cheap cash in of the PWL one though.
  18. It could be said that both of them were cheap cash ins.
  19. That is an album review for a journalist who didn't listen to the album.
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