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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Weezerfan, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. I try to embody a very

    attitude, but 'Where In the World' is terrible and not really worth your stanning.
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  2. I popped on my Golden vinyl the other day and it really solidified for me how much I enjoy that record and prefer it over Disco.

    Disco is what you expect from Kylie and Golden really isn't but then I think that's why it works. It's always more interesting when she takes a bit of a venture down a different path and tries something unexpected. I actually really love the songwriting on Golden too, which was lacking for me on Disco.
  3. Has there ever been a Kylie rate just focussing on her b-sides/unreleased tracks from each era? There must've been... or would that just be a mammoth listen to get through?
  4. @P'NutButter has an unreleased rate queued, but it hasn't taken place yet. Here is their b-side / rarities rate.
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  5. Both Golden and Disco, have been solid back to back Kyliue albums I think. Look forward to what's to come next.
  6. "Love is love it never ends" clapalong in an arena is going to send me stratospheric.
  7. Another interesting titbit from the 1999 Music Week archive:


    Imagine that alternate universe where "Kids" was witheld and her live shows were free from the tyranny of the Tesco mums five-minute focal point. I mean, there would be no "Your Disco Needs You" (or they gave it to Sheena Easton) in this universe, but still.
  8. I know that y'all hate "Kids," but I feel like it was the track that cemented her comeback. I'm sure that most of y'all will disagree with my next point and probably point out "Disco Down" or "Light Years," but Light Years didn't have any big singles left after "Spinning Around" and "On A Night Like This."
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  9. Yeah the coded misogyny of all women who have given birth or work in HR being basic and braindead is getting really boring now to express not liking a popular song.
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  10. 'Kids' always gets the audience going and the energy up when she performs it. I actually quite liked the 70's throwback style of the Golden tour version.
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  11. That'd be a second win!
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  12. Got to praise her.
    Been having an 'X' listening day. 'No More Rain' is so good - the entire album is strong and although I labeled it a clusterfuck and all over the place back then, it is still ahead of time in many parts and full of bops. 'Sensitized' slayed me again heavily.

    Who else, post 2000s, has an ahead of time album run like her, all three are futuristic

    Fever - Body Language (I LIVE) - X.

    I think only M's Ray of Light - Music - American Life ( - Confessions) is up there with her.
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  13. I was messing around remixing again this weekend and did a pop house take of Too Much Of A Good Thing....It's kinda more dance orientated now with lots of great piano samples....

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  14. Disco made me appreciate Golden more. I do have some big issues with it but there's a nice little rich album buried deep in there. Disco sounds fine, but I just cannot with the phrases that are so over the top cliche that it makes Katy Perry's writing look original. Maybe I'm just too fucking grouchy but I simply don't think phrases like "Don't know if I'm awake or dreaming" or "We'll make the night last forever" or "Shining like a supernova" are acceptable. And these kind of phrases pile on top of the other something fierce. Just to make sure I wasn't exaggerating, I read through all the lyrics on Genius and I'm not. The cliches are relentless. The lyrics are so lacking of original thought that it's distracting to me. The whole time I'm just thinking, "Do fucking better. This is insulting."
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  15. I love Sheena, but that actually hurt
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  16. Yes, I think so as well.
    When I was imagining this album, I was thinking of Light Years (the 2009 version) and thought this had to be the benchmark. It has such great lines like "Take us to the popstars on the moon", "Have yourself a taste of foreign glamour", "Take a breath and take the plunge my dear". All with soaring vocals over this relentless beat. How the hell did she not check her own material before doing this album?
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  17. It will be a thing of beauty that's for sure.
  18. I think it’s also important to point out that her collaboration with Robbie and Guy was used as a talking point in the media and drummed up loads of interest. Robbie, at that point, was today’s Dua. The uplift the project received as a result of it was immense.
  19. I'm obsessed with the Fever tour. I can't really tell you guys why but in the past I never really "got" that tour, but now I totally see that it is genial. The entry, the stage, the armography, the bold setlist (the number of Impossible Princess and non-single songs performed in support of her GP-hit album), the rich cultural / audiovisual references. A masterclass in postmodernity.
  20. I actually don't dislike 'Kids'. I'm sure I'm in the minority here but I think it's a good song and to be honest 'On a Night Like This' was the song that really grew tired for me in her live shows.

    That said, I do think 'Kids' works better when she's able to sing it with someone rather than just her backing singers.
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