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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Weezerfan, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. Kids isn't a bad song but I hate the fact that it always get a spot on the setlist when there are far better songs to choose from.
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  2. Sums it up nicely.
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  3. Do any of these "better" songs evoke an audience reaction as strong as "Kids" does though?
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  4. Interesting, the 3 songs are presumably Loveboat, I'm So High and Your Disco - Kids was for Robbie's album. So that resolved royalty issue is interesting when none of these three were singles (in the UK) - would they have to have paid a higher royalty to Guy Chambers than the other singles? Might be a factor in why Your Disco Needs You was never a single in the UK.
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  5. The Kylie/Danni version of Kids is everything though!
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  6. I hate Kids but every time she sings it on tour I bop? These things can exist together.
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  7. I don’t even “hate Kids” but I wouldn’t look it out on purpose, just bop on my Kylie playlist, or when I’m playing Light Years. I do prefer the version with Robbie rapping at the end though.

    I enjoyed the duet with Dannii at the (I think it was) New Year Wembley Showgirl Homecoming gig.
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  8. I wonder if putting "Kids" on Light Years was how they resolved it. Boom! There's a tidy wee bonus for Chalmers and the other guy. I can imagine that Terry Blamey put that royalty thing in to have leverage when negotiating - he's not daft and I'm sure dealing with Uncle Pete over the years would have gave him cause to be wary of producer demands.
  9. The roof goes OFF during "Kids" at every show I've been to. My brain is just wired to hate it because Robbie Williams. And the verse lyrics are terrible, never mind Robbie's rap.
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  10. Yeah, the rather cut n paste job of that final chorus instead of the rap on the Light Years version was a choice.
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  11. It reminds of when I used to make mixes using my record function on my cassettes where I’d have to pause quickly at just the right time and then I pause again. So unprofessionally done
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  12. RRS


    Kids goes off. It’s a great staple of her tours and glad she performs it. Everyone goes crazy when it comes on more than any other track for sure. I agree that it needs to be a duet though it works better. A bit like how Especially for you seems a bit flat when the audience sing the Jason parts.
  13. I like Kids. I'm not apologizing for it either.

    Also, that Golden tour version went off.

  14. Not seen this in full for years, wished there was a more lively audience though.
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  15. Given that this show reuses a lot of content from the On A Night Like This tour, the completist in me wishes Hand On Your Heart was part of the PWL medley.
    Otherwise it's quite an entertaining watch.
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  16. The PWL medley finale especially!
  17. I know that a lot of y'all weren't the biggest fans of the performance of "Fever" from An Audience With, but I love it. It's pure camp, tbh.
  18. Feeling a bit random today, so thought about posting and seeing what people thought were their highlights and no so good parts of each album/era they've personally been a part of following it's release? Here are mine:

    Body Language:
    High: Slow being the single that started my Kylie fandom, plus the divine Money Can't Buy concert.
    Low: Only 3 singles, and one being Chocolate. Good track, but not exactly summer single I think.

    High: KYLIEX2008 being my first ever Kylie concert I attended!
    Low: 2 Hearts being the lead, good song, but not lead comeback single status. Got era off to a rocky start I think as a result.

    High: All The Lovers and Get Outta My Way-easily two of the greatest Kylie singles of all time.
    Low: The long gap between those two great songs being released a singles. Put a dent in the era which never really recovered from.

    Kiss Me Once:
    High: Solid pop album, contains many of my favourite and most listened Kylie songs.
    Low: Being ditched after just 2 singles following the I Was Gonna Cancel fiasco.

    Kylie Christmas:
    High: A Kylie Christmas album at long last!
    Low: Too much focus/promo on the covers, and none of the superb original tracks being given their chance to shine.

    High: Dancing, an instant Kylie classic, loved it from the get go and felt she was back after a slight rocky 2014-17 period.
    Low: Golden was an great concert, but felt too many of the same songs being given the spotlight and not enough of the album. Can't really fault this era otherwise.

    High: Hearing the genius of Say Something for the first time and all the love for it on here-joy to read.
    Low: Era coming to a halt two months after album's release and months of near silence since. Hopefully that will soon change though....
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  19. Random chart placing. I'd imagine three people at the same party in Romania heard SKOB and decided to buy it.
  20. Can someone tell me what is "KDB pty limited"? is on several Kylie albums on Spotify, does Kylie own some of her records?
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