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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Weezerfan, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. All of them, it's her company.
  2. I think she owns the PWL-era stuff now.
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  3. Kylie owns everything up to km94 she will own impossible princess next year , she also owns kylie Christmas onwards
  4. Fun fact: KDB stands for Kylie/Dannii/Brendan, the names of Kylie and her siblings.

    If I remember correctly, it was set up by Kylie's father, early on in her career, as a limited company to hold and manage all of Kylie's financial/business interests. Many of Dannii's projects are also linked to this company.
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  5. She does indeed-now give us proper vinyl re issues of the 4 albums please Kylie!
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  6. KDB Pty is the Australian company for all things Kylie Dannii Brendan. KDB licenses her legacy music to BMG Rights Management UK, rather than Darenote. There's clearly some benefit to do this way, but I can only speculate.

    It's possible that KDB was able to regain the rights to Kylie material from Mushroom in Australia before the same regain of the PWL UK/Europe rights and it just made sense to add them to KDB, rather than do a legal transfer to Darenote.

    Darenote is Kylie's UK company which licenses her likeness, photography and is now effectively her own imprint for licensing new music to BMG RM (UK). She also had Firewheel for a few years during the mid 2010s, which I suspect was set up just to help extricate Kylie business from Parlophone and likely also William Baker while she was severing ties to both. Darenote was essentially defunct during this time. Kylie Christmas was licensed through Firewheel.

    Dannii has a few UK registered companies too, I can't remember the names, Disco Ball UK Ltd or something.
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  7. The Cherry Red re-issues of the PWL are amazing and are still easy to get online. I need Decon vinyl reissues, it's urgently needed.
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  8. I really wish they'd recombine all the PWL single EPs into digital super deluxe editions of the four albums to make searching through her legacy digital material less messy.

    Backing Tracks
    Alternate versions
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  9. We would have got a PWL Singles Boxset if the rights hadn't changed hands.
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  10. Seriously hoping that she releases all of the Deco remixes/single edits onto streaming next year when she gets the Impossible Princess rights!
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  11. I agree, long overdue!
  12. You mean before the rights passed onto Kylie herself you mean? A full blown singles box set akin to the Bananarama and Belinda ones? What a wasted moment if so.
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  13. Yes, it was planned years ago but these things take a long time. When the rights changed hands it came to a halt. I am not sure if a new deal was ever attempted but it stopped the project dead.
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  14. Oh I see, that's such a shame.
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  15. Now she owns the rights, she's not interested in releasing a PWL singles boxset ? How bad !
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  16. Wasn't there a singles box set for K25?

    Absolutely. So many amazing Decon remixes that aren't available for streaming.

  17. Yes. It was just 3'' CD Singles with singles either side. This would have been a complete PWL Singles Boxset with all the remixes. Not sure how far it got but it was attempted.
  18. They attempted it but it hardly got off the ground it was around the time between the end of the decon era leading into light years .
  19. Well the right person could do it but it would be alot of work for little money , it would definitely be a fan that would have to do it for so little
  20. Genuine question. Why would it be a lot of work to upload things onto streaming?
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