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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Weezerfan, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. None of the contracts regarding royalties or distribution rights signed pre-1999 anticipated digital delivery systems, so everything has to be reprocessed for paperwork and signed off to avoid later problems. A product manager then has to check each file to make sure it's the correct mix/edit, which means sourcing the original physical DAT tapes, digital masters or physical product and comparing. A DAT tape from the session might have the correct instrumental but the vocal might not be the same one, a different vocal take might have been edited in at the mastering stage from a different DAT and so on.
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  2. Thanks for explaining.

    If they can find the time to do this for Glad To Be Alive it would be a pop injustice to not do it for the exceptional remixes we got from Deconstruction.
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  3. Another thing - the tracks need to be checked to make sure that they have the correct ISRC number, or if they need assigned one.

    Do you remember when Step Back in Time was released and some of the tracks on the digital version were incorrect for a few hours? The wrong mix of "Especially for You" and "Did it Again" on there instead of "Timebomb" - that's the kind of thing that happens when incorrect ISRCs are processed.
  4. An acoustic version of Put Yourself In My Place was put up too initially as well I believe.
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  6. I don't remember that one, but it must've pulled across from the Kylie Minogue 2003 Edition. Sometimes alternate mixes with only a few differences will share the same ISRC and cause this.
  7. I wish such an error happened with The One so that we could finally get the Freemasons Edit.
  8. If Step Back In Time wasn't such a terrible compilation, y'all would have it on streaming as a part of Disc 3.

    Is it only available in Australia and nowhere else?

    Edit: Okay, so it turns out that "The One" is on Step Back In Time, but the album version. Not sure why they didn't use the single mix instead, like they did with most of the other tracks.
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  9. An exception to the error rule indeed.
  10. The bar I’m in right now playing Giving You Up after Janet’s Escapade! Gay rights.

    EDIT: And now Vogue?! Am I in heaven?!
  11. Is there a reason why Sleepwalker isn't on streaming?

    Her back catalogue really is in need of a tidy up. Was listening to X yesterday on YouTube Music in Australia and All I See is a weird version that just clips off at the end.
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  12. I don't think that Sleepwalker ever received an official release beyond a Soundcloud upload.
  13. Indeed not and a real shame too. Some of her best ever work in my opinion.
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  14. American Radio History archive has now got as far as "Spinning Around" with their Music Week uploads

    April 29th, 2000:

    May 20th, 2000 trade ad:

    And the week of release, issue dated July 1st, 2000 - Kylie is back.
    Interestingly, radio didn't immediately get behind "Spinning Around", it only jumped from 30-10 on the Airplay chart after it went to #1 on sales; and peaked at #4, unable to get higher because Radio One barely played it more than 13 times per week (costing it total audience numbers, which is how the airplay chart is ranked, rather than total spins).

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  15. That article...did we know she worked with Madison Avenue? She would've sounded perfect on Don't Call Me Baby
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  16. I was so excited reading that Music Week article where they compared Spinning Around to Fast Love, and was completely confounded when I listened for the first time and it sounded nothing like it.
  17. I just read that first line and was baffled by that description. They don't sound alike at all!
  18. I feel like they were just searching for a fairly-recent disco/funk song but it does feel like wat when you read "Fastlove". Be interesting to see at what point Radio One gets back behind Kylie, wether it's on "On A Night Like This" or "Kids", hopefully the archive updates later into 2000 over the next few days. I bet that mid-week flash for "Spinning Around" must have ended a few sleepless nights in her team, a #30 on the Airplay chart pre-release would not have been reassuring going into the release Monday.

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  19. I miss the days of browsing through Music week in WH Smith to pick up little titbits of pop info.
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  20. That's a new one to me. Rick Nowells... that would have been "Whenever You Feel Like It", right?
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