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Kylie Minogue - General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Weezerfan, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. Weren't their vinyl re-issues also limited edition?
  2. Exactly this please.
  3. This is so pretty.

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  4. As we await the longed for news of the Disco reissue, been giving this morning the KM94 album a long overdue play in full for the first time in yonks. An album of pure class, her vocals are just sublime on it.
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  5. After re playing KM94 album yesterday, I have to say more than ever I find the original album version of Where Is The Feeling?, totally and underrated. 7 minutes of pure joyous 90s House Vs 70s Disco perfection. Deserves much more love.
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  6. Pure David Morales magic. This and Jody Watley’s I’m The One You Need (album version) are a wonderful pair.
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  7. I also find the Bish Bosh edit of it, very enjoyable too. Had it been pushed as the main single mix over the BIR Dolphin Mix instead, perhaps (only perhaps), it may have done a bit better. Appreciate the KM94 campaign was all but dead come Summer 1995 though.
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  8. If they'd done a 12" of the Bish Bosh Mix it would have gone off in the clubs back then, in an era of 'I love U baby' and 'U sure do'.
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  9. Yes, that would have been most welcome am sure.
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  10. Definitely a stronger single with this version. But Deconstruction just weren’t commercially savvy. They had chart success with some of their acts but they didn’t really seem to know or care about charts and how to sustain success.

    Which for me as a Kylie fan decades on is fine. I’m grateful for the 13-minute remixes that are a commercial killer but which are so good for fans.
  11. Clive Griffin alert!
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  12. Isn't that Terry Ronald too on BV's?
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  13. Hi everyone, Charli XCX's new song "Good Ones" made me think of "Red Blooded Woman" a bit, not that they're similar but it's the vibe I got. While this isn't a mashup of the two, it is a remix inspired by Charli's song. Hope you enjoy

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  14. I always got the impression that DeCon felt that commercial dance music was beneath them.
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  15. I think so too, odd too considering they were meant to be a dance label.
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  16. My favourite version of the song, it definitely should have been the single edit.
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  17. So hard to find, should be on digital/streaming too.
  18. Wait, this would be great for a Disco tour!
  19. Well, I really didn't expect this...
    DISC: 1
    1. More More More
    2. Love At First Sight
    3. Can't Get You Out Of My Head
    4. Fever
    5. Give It To Me
    6. Fragile
    7. Come Into My World (Radio Edit)
    8. In Your Eyes
    9. Dancefloor
    10. Love Affair
    11. Your Love
    12. Burning Up
    DISC: 2
    Digital download
    1. Can't Get Blue Monday Out Of My Head
    2. Love At First Sight (The Scumfrog's Beauty And The Beast Vocal Edit)
    3. Can't Get You Out Of My Head (Deluxe's Dirty Dub)
    4. In Your Eyes (Roger Sanchez Release The Dub Mix)
    5. Love At First Sight (Ruff & Jam Us Radio Mix)
    6. Come Into My World (Fischerspooner Mix)
    7. Whenever You Feel Like It
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