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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Weezerfan, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. That's the download, though. A lot of American record stores have that website platform that integrates downloads with listings for physical formats. It just means they've mapped the vinyl to the digital deluxe (kind of like Amazon's EasyRip sometimes mapping to the wrong edition of an album). No bearing on what's actually on the record.
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  2. Isn't that the same track list to the 2CD deluxe of the 2002 re issue?
  3. Happy 20th to the song that made me a Kylie fan! As per, I've done a live video mix so give it a watch!

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  4. Iconic, tbh.

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  5. The "set me freeeeeeeeeeeeeeee" libbings are the best recorded part of her entire discography.
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  6. One of the best songs of all time, and still feels fresh today.
  8. To think I didn't even like it when I first heard it. Ha!
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  9. Same. It’s always the way. I hated confide in me on first listen too. How wrong was I. Now two of my faves.
  10. When I watched the Light Years DVD I thought it was a cute song but nothing special.

    Then the video came and she was just so cool. Everything changed.
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  11. Yes, this!

    I saw Kylie perform Can’t Get You Out Of My Head on the tour for Light Years as the ‘new song’ and everyone just stood there thinking “can we just have Spinning Around now please?”
  12. It wasn't the final version (which was beefed up) was it? I was the same ('hmm okay song' watching the LY DVD) but it took more than a cool video to elevate what was a laid back bop.
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  13. I remember when it was released, online Kylie fans were quite split on it, as has been the case with every Kylie lead single for the past 20 years. It was generally compared (less than favourably) to ATC’s Around the World. Obviously the video took it to a completely different place and then its galaxy conquering success just made it completely undeniable.
  14. The way that she had her heel on our necks with "Can't Get You Out Of My Head" and we had no choice but to stan—even America who hadn't paid attention to her for over a decade.
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  15. Personally I'd likely blame the sound mix - everything on the Light Years tour DVD sounds thin to my ears. Of course, that might just be the way the audio was mixed for the release and not how it sounded in the actual venues and I didn't attend that tour so I have no comparison.
  16. I can understand being underwhelmed by the performance. It lacked the production that every other song got—it was essentially Kylie alone on stage in what can only be describe as a Guy Fieri but make it fashion look.
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  17. It definitely was flat live the first time I heard it at the On A Night Like This tour. Totally demo vibes before the studio mix blew the earth off its axis.
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  18. Can't Get You Out Of My Head, is truly timeless and perhaps the defining pop anthem of the 00s. Happy 20th to it.
  19. 20 years of hindsight and all, and Around The World is a bop,
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