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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Weezerfan, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. People who compared Head to ATC’s Around the World voted Brexit.
  2. I stood in the Hammersmith Apollo hearing it for the first time and looked to my friends and said ‘this is going to be huge’ - it just sounded amazing and so much more exciting than anything on Light Years!
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  3. Set her up for the biggest era of her long career too.
  4. Such an exciting time to be a fan. The song was absolutely everywhere.
  5. I am always baffled it never made 10 year old me a big Kylie stan back then! That would have to wait for another 2 years!
  6. I had just moved to a new job and I remember downloading a leak and playing for the whole office of 20 straight people and they all started singing along / dancing by the second chorus. That's when I knew.

    Second memory is the office homophobe (who would change gender to male when singing along to female songs!) arriving one morning with the CD single and raving about how three b-sides make good value and almost an album.
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  7. My middle school self was quaking and then the release of Body Language solidified the stanning.
  8. The first time I heard THE song it was the day after my birthday and some friends had slept over. We were looking at filth on the internet, but once we got bored I saw an ad on Yahoo's homepage to listen to the new Kylie song. We all sat there transfixed and life was never the same again.
  9. 'friends'
  10. The girls were the ones who came up with the dirtiest internet search requests!
  11. I always remember a talking head interview with Sara Cawood, where she said that "Can't Get You Out Of My Head" was one of those singles that everyone whips their neck round to look at the radio/TV and asks out loud "What is THAT song?....". I was only casually onboard with Kylie's resurgence and I hadn't been following along but I remember becoming quite excited at this song proper blowing up pre-release.

    I was really chuffed for her, knowing how fickle the UK music machine is, had the right song not came along it Light Years could merely have been a blip in her career. We've all seen plenty of acts have a resurgence for precisely one era.
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  12. The chart battle with Not Such An Innocent Girl.
  13. Which turn into a chart fizzle really.
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  14. I played the CD single so much that even my housemates were able to sing along to Boy and Rendezvous At Sunset.
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  15. It's crazy how Head was the right song at the right time for the right artist and then
    was a good song but definitely not right for Victoria at that time.
  16. She really gave us the future in 2001, ha? What a timeless song and the video only took it to the next level.
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  18. I had just moved to Brighton and it was HUGE there. I remember seeing the video and thought 'way to go girl'. I was so glad Light Years wasn't a fluke and this would be the song she would be remembered for.
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  19. It's also Some Kind Of Bliss' anniversary today.
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