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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Weezerfan, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. Yesterday I saw something on Instagram about a Soulwax remix of Head. Did I dream it? I can’t find the post anywhere now.
  2. This remix? believe they did two
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  3. The definitive version of the song

  4. Yes, it was a hidden track on 2 Many DJs: As Heard On Radio Soulwax Pt.2.
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  5. Yes, that’s it! Thank you.

    I can’t say I love it as much as Fischerspooners remix of Come Into My World. What a bop.
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  6. Will always unironically be a 2001 VB stan (my avatar duh) but there is no denying that something about Not Such An Innocent Girl felt off from the start and could never compete with the sheer effortlessness of Can't Get You Out of My Head. A song that to this days sounds timeless and 'cool', in fact it just gets better and better.

    For me, the only version is the album version. No live performance ever did it for me, especially not the 'rock' versions.
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  7. There’s also the one the Les Folies mix was based on:
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  8. Lest we forget that Posh only lost to Spiller/Sophie at the final hurdle.
  9. Can't Get You Out of My Head was actually my introduction to Kylie. I was 8 years old and was obsessed with the music video, then one day at Walmart I shoplifted the Fever CD. I don't even really remember why I didn't just beg my parents to buy it (maybe I did and they said no), but I got home and poured over every song with such focus. Partly because it was my secret little album, partly because the music was just so different to everything else I had (I was particularly rinsing Laundry Service and Blu Cantrell at the time). I've since replaced that stolen copy (that was beyond scratched by the end) with the Japanese reissue that gathered most of the b-sides, but boy what a moment Head was for me.

    Love at First Sight was probably the moment I became a stan. I remember feeling so happy she wasn't a one-hit wonder now in the US, having no clue she had already scored a big hit in the 80's!
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  10. Kylie's first week sales in 2000 weren't a patch on either of "Out of Your Mind"/"Groovejet"'s, so Posh's team might have thought there was a good chance that Posh's fanbase could compete with Kylie's, at least initally, right up until it became obvious to anyone that Kylie's single was on fire. I'd have loved to have been there that day when the midweek came out... it wasn't even going to be a chart battle, Kylie left her in the dust from the get go.
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  11. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    Kylie Minogue: "What? Jason Donovan gay??!! Bullshit! Jason is a real man and I should know!"

    The 80s were wild.
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  12. As did DJ Otzi, Alien Ant Farm, Bob the Builder, and Shaggy ddd.
    *gasps* The criminality! Right here on my Popjustice! How could you deprive, um, the biggest company in America of, um, like $15?
  13. I started elementary school in 2002 and me and some of my classmates would exchange mix CDs. I remember "Mix CD 2" started with Jamelia's Superstar followed by Can't Get You Out Of My Head. What a one-two punch! I was not a big radio listener, nor did I have any self-awareness regarding music, so I didn't even know whose songs I was listening to.

    Imagine my face in 2015 when my crush sends me All The Lovers, I check out the Aphrodite Les Folies DVD and the hits start coming up. I had no idea it would be the Head / Spinning Around / Love At First Sight lady. I'm so happy to have Kylie and her songs in my life.
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  14. The scream is it was attached to one of those tall, plastic stands that superstores used to have. I had it shoved into my pants AND the detectors went off as we left the store. They just waved my dad right along because he clearly only bought the few items in his bag. Maybe the loss prevention person was a hunty that day?
  15. Proving once again my theory that you can get away with almost anything as long as you look like you know what you're doing.
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  16. ‘Real man’? Hmmmmm, the implication that gay men aren’t real men? Wow
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  17. Off-topic, but what made Alien Ant Farm's "Smooth Criminal" jump up from No. 79 to No. 3? That's a massive jump.
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  18. Imports of the European CD singles.
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  19. It was the 80's and it has probably been translated from English, to other languages and back to English again and the original statement/sentiment has become somewhat distorted.
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