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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Weezerfan, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. Cancel herrrrr!!11111!!!!
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  2. I lived through that stuff in the 80’s and it prevented me from coming out until later in life so just hurtful when you see crap like that from your favourite woman in the world! No cancelling required
  3. Me too but I wouldn't trust what a journalist interview said to be accurate when it comes to Pop/Film stars. They are often misquoted or words manipulated to fit their narrative.
  4. Absolutely and I wouldn’t be selling my Kylie collection or writing to her but this is a safe space to express our feelings
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  5. Yeah it may have been translated and maybe even taken out of context, but it's hard to imagine "Jason is een echte kerel" implying anything other than "gays are not real men", which is pretty sad coming from Kylie (if she actually said it, that is).

    But I guess it really was a completely different era, so I'm just glad she learned and grew and became the gay icon she is today.
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  6. Aside from the fact that staff-generated quotes under photos of celebrities is a trick long utilised by gossip mags, didn't Kylie and Jason deny that they were a thing until after they broke up?
  7. 1988 wasn't gonna start a revolution by saying 'so what if he is'. Let's be honest.
  8. Much like Hilary Clinton 100 years ago said that she believed that marriage was "a sacred bond between a man and a woman."
    As long as we evolve our views, that's more important.
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  9. it was probably Sue and Linda!
  10. In the 90s I used to go into record stores, and remove the CD sleeve - then when I had the money, go back and buy the CD.

    I love 'Head for what it did for her career, and reintroduced Kylie to The Americas - but I prefer In Your Eyes and Love at First Sight as songs.
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  11. Oh I completely agree. I even prefer a couple Fever album tracks to Head.
  12. “It’s Scott and Charlene, not Harold and Lou”.
  13. Homofiel. That word still makes me sick. I call my straight friends heterofiel in protest
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  14. Oh it's time for one of my most unpopular opinions again, hmm?

    (Fever / Fragile / Tightrope)
    Love at First Sight
    (Love Affair / Burning Up)
    Can't Get You Out of My Head

    (all the other album tracks including Boy)

    Come Into My World
    In Your Eyes
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  15. I am always happy when Steve A is doing arrangements with Kylie, and he did write arrangements/plural.

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  16. Any word on an official 2022 calendar?
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  17. Not yet as far as I believe. If we do get one, bet it will be her official store doing it again.
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  18. I am always curious that people still buy calendars?

    Where do you put them?

    I have an iPhone for this!!

    PS - we know Kylie is back in England - would it hurt her to post something "Hey England - I am back" lol
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  19. I collect Kylie's....
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  20. Cool.
    I am sure the photographs inside are fabulous!!!
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