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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Weezerfan, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. Most of them are, yes. Some years are better than others. For me, this year's is a bit disappointing, but still Kylie so hey
  2. I have one on my office wall to keep track of appointments and things. That way I won't forget something until half an hour before it's time to leave (as happened just last week dd).
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  3. I have mine in the kitchen. Before my house was built, I always hung them up in my bedroom. I really just buy them for the pictures.
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  4. Body Language sound is so timeless, I want all pop to sound like this.
  5. Currently watching the Golden Tour. Oh how I miss a Kylie concert.
  6. I'm a little surprised there seems to be no plans for Fever's 20th anniversary apart from that white vinyl, but I guess it would take attention away from Disco Reloaded: The Re-Up. An expanded edition on streaming with Tightrope (Australian Album Version), all the b-sides and some remixes would be great
  7. I agree - I'm not expecting a full-on anniversary edition but some housekeeping on streaming regarding the era would be great. It's not too late to do it next year either to tie it in with the KylieFever2002 anniversary.
    In particular, it would be interesting to hear some discarded mixes like Never Too Late but it will probably never happen.
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  8. Yes, it would overshadow the DISCO re-issue.
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  9. Shame, Fever 20 needs celebrating.
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  10. Maybe she will dust off a special performance later in the year?
  11. When is this happening?
  12. Q4
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  13. That would be good.
  14. There’ll always be Fever 25 and 30 to look forward to. Lol
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  15. Yes, that's true!
  16. She could always celebrate Fever's 20th anniversary on its American release date. Assuming that the Disco re-release is happening in Q4, a Q1 release in 2022 for an anniversary edition of Fever won't overshadow it.
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  17. I had no idea till now that it was released in 2001 in the rest of the world! I've always thought it was 2002 everywhere. And I only got into Kylie around 2009, so it's not like I thought that because I remember the release... flop stan.

    And yes, I think people are used to belated "anniversary" celebrations right now anyway because of the panamarama (e.g., the Spice Girls 25th anniversary tour penciled in for 2023, i.e., Wannabe's 27th anniversary year).
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  18. Well you are an American fan, and that was the American release date.

    Did Body Language get a delayed release in the US?

    Side note, but I love that DISCO is her third highest charting album on Billboard.
  19. Yeah, Body Language came out in the US three months after the rest of the world.
  20. Every album up to and including X were released months later in the US. However, from Aphrodite onwards, the gap was reduced to a couple of days and since Golden, her albums receive the same release date as the UK and Australia in the US.
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