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Kylie Minogue - General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Weezerfan, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. Fever is incredible. So futuristic, icy, and damn cool.
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  2. Why is this such a common occurrence with Kylie?
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  3. I feel like this snippet of the Rolling Stone review perfectly sums up why I look back on Fever so fondly:
    I feel like the balance of camp and cheese was perfect on Fever, whereas some of her other albums can skew more cheesy like Disco, which I'm not the biggest fan of.
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  4. I love what the Fever album did for her career in The Americas, but Fever isn't in my Top 5 Kylie albums.
  5. I’ve never been a fan of Fever primarily because of the awful nasal vocals on songs like More More More, Give it to Me and Dancefloor. When she sings “gotta lose it in the music” on Dancefloor I really think it’s the worst she has ever sounded.
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  7. Edgy!!
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  8. Is it your favourite Kylie album?
  9. Fever and Body Language are my favorite Kylie albums, yes. They find the right balance of effortless cool and unironic joy.
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  10. Speaking of Fever, it's very surprising how at the peak of her career the tour is full of deep cuts and very drastic reimaginings of some songs.
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  11. Not only is Fever my favorite Kylie album, it’s probably one of my Top10 favorite albums by any artist. Every song is perfection, as well as the era’s bonus tracks, B-sides, packaging, music videos and performances. Not a complaint to be found.
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    Light Years, Fever, Body Language and the victory lap of Ultimate Kylie is really the zenith of her career. She hasn’t bettered that run since. But really, very few pop stars have.
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  13. The Fever tour blew my mind!
    That opener.
    The new versions of Locomotion & Lucky.
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  14. I enjoy Fever more than I did, but it's still not amazing to me. Some great songs on it but I prefer many of her other albums.
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  15. The Limbo mash up with Underworld's Push Upstairs is one of her most underrated live moments.

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  16. Speaking of Fever, what’s the deal with the 20th Anniversary vinyl pressing? Is there anywhere you can actually pre-order it or is it just a case of going into shops on the day and chancing your luck?
  17. I thought only International Record Day were doing it?

    Yes. Great song and performance.
  18. Still one of my absolute favourite live performances of hers. I was at every Wembly show and every night I was singing along and someone asked me what the song was, heathens!
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  19. Happy Fever 20 day!!

    Still iconic.
  20. Perfect album, styling, videos, b-sides, performances, tour, etc
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