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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Weezerfan, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. Yeah I was thinking that, weird it's still in my card. Oh well, I already have the white one so I'll live.
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  2. Oh FFS, I've just realised I didn't update my card details on that bloody Shop.Pay app and now it's taken my order with an old credit card. PANIC!
  3. This can't be sold out. What fuckery is surrounding this damn Fever vinyl? Are they trying to get people to panic buy frome every link that goes live just to eventually find this in every retailer in the next few weeks?
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  4. It sold out so I guess it was fairly priced for the market.
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  5. When the world ends, there will be cockroaches, Keith Richards, and biyearly limited edition Fever vinyls.

    As long as I can get the white vinyl, I’m okay with it. I’d have preferred the silver, but any port in a storm!
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  6. Finally the true meaning of Cant Get You out of My Head has been revealed.
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  7. Amazon link seems to be working now for anyone who wants the white version/missed out on her website.
  8. Fever white vinyl and the cassette up for pre-order at Assai in the UK (£21 for the cassette though, oof).
  9. I got the silver and white vinyl.

    Kylie - I am poor!
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  10. Wait for the 10 versions of the Disco re-release. Then watch as another 10 cassette variations go live at the end of release week and sell out while we down under folk still sleep.
  11. I can't believe Fever is 20 already. For me, not a perfect album, but undeniably a moment.
  12. SBK


    Well, to be fair they aren't releasing those for ~the fans~ its to secure that UK chart position...
  13. Weird that Amazon has the white vinyl listed for October 29.
  14. Or 50 cents and a couple hours’ work for a used cassette I can tape over and print a card for, thus also allowing me to include Tightrope and use the deluxe edition art.

    Hmm. Tough choice.
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  15. For extremely limited editions they should make it you have to answer a question only a fan would know within a certain amount of time.
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  16. Ah, but taste though!
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  17. I was sad I missed the silver vinyl until I saw the price tag… no regrets there!

    MORE than thrilled that I’ve finally been able to get the white vinyl at an affordable price though. What a great addition to my collection that will be!
  18. “What is the fifth word of the second verse of the B-side to Love at First Sight?”
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  19. or like "What track lyrically is referenced in 'In Your Eyes'?
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