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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Weezerfan, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. Missed out on everything by the look of it. Sigh.
    Luckily I did get the Sainsburys Light Years Blue Vinyl LP.
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  2. HMD


    The cassette is there but sold out too?!? How is than possible?
  3. I just noticed that the cassette appeared on the official store. Wasn’t sure if I missed it or if it’s just sold out by default? Amazon still showing unavailable as well.

    Is the cassette still available anywhere?
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  4. It sure is, just early 00s perfection.
  5. Didn't Kylie Inc. do a refill of some of the DISCO items just for the Australian fans?
    I remember them doing that?

    What's the Kylie vibe/status like in New Zealand? Obviously in the UK and Aust she's legend status, what about NZ?

    It was 6pm Friday in Sydney when the silver vinyl went on-sale!!
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  6. I think that’s part of the whole adrenaline with securing a collectors item. I actually hate it when limited edition items are not so limited edition and it’s just a marketing gimmick.
  7. SBK


    Limited number were added in the late afternoon after the delay in Amazon getting it live.
  8. I know that a lot of the items were UK only. The release week signed items and the different cassette variations. I guess to boost her chart position over there. The cassettes were sold out well before I knew they existed, a lot of these things go on sale when we’re sleeping!

    as for her status in NZ, let’s just say she is no where near as highly regarded as she is in other parts of the world. I feel like she’s still a bit of a joke down here sometimes. It does make me miss life in the UK occasionally. But I love popping to Australia and seeing her live over there.
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  9. I understand why the Fever vinyl is so limited - given the constraints at vinyl pressing plants - but why is the cassette so difficult to get?
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  10. My Golden tour mug has almost had it so a Fever20 one might be rather nice if anyone at team Kylie is reading this and wants to cater to the tea enthusiast
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  11. The white vinyl is sold-out on the Warner Australia store.

    Interesting re. Kylie and New Zealand. I figured because she only toured NZ once, that Kylie and NZ don't have a great relationship.
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  12. it’s funny, I’ve been in NZ since 2006, but spent most of 2008 in the UK so I missed the only time she’s been to NZ.
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  13. This is the first bad thing I've ever heard about New Zealand. Disappointing.
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  14. Only 1 Number 1 hit in NZ and the fact Better The Devil You Know only peaked at Number 27 tells
    you all you need to know ...
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  15. Kylie's career in New Zealand is very hit and miss. Her debut era spawned four Top 10 hits and a No. 1 album, "Especially For You" peaked at No. 2 and "Hand On Your Heart" was another Top 20 hit and Enjoy Yourself was a Top 10 album. The rest of the Enjoy Yourself era and the first two singles from Rhythm Of Love peaked within the Top 30, but nothing after "Step Back In Time" charted until "Confide In Me," which peaked at No. 12, while KM94 was a Top 40 album.

    Her early Parlophone years were relatively successful in New Zealand—Light Years and Fever were both Top 10 albums, Body Language Top 30—and her singles run between "Spinning Around" and "Red Blooded Woman" spawned a No. 1 hit ("Can't Get You Out Of My Head"), four Top 10 hits and three Top 20 hits—"On A Night Like This" stalled at No. 35 and "Please Stay" didn't chart. "I Believe In You" was a Top 30 hit and "2 Hearts" and "Timebomb"—her last single to chart in New Zealand—were Top 40 hits.

    Following the underperformance of X, which peaked at No. 38, her following albums have all peaked within the Top 20, with Disco peaking at No. 9.

  16. Perhaps the most incredible song to come from the Fever era for me. Never tire of it.
  17. Lead single worthy and a career highlight. I prefer it to any of the Fever singles now.
  18. It's my favourite, closely rivalled only by the title track.
  19. The Fever singles had some great b-sides:

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